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Hair loss is a common problem that highly affects the way you look and the way people look at you. We understand that in today’s competitive world, your looks matter the most to score that extra edge over others.

This is where we can really contribute by offering hair loss treatment to all your hair loss problems and giving you a complete makeover so that your every stride is full of confidence. Satya is a highly acclaimed hair clinic for hair care and growth that makes use of systematic and scientific methods to restore your hair.

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Satya is one of the top Hair Transplantation and hair loss treatment clinic in Delhi having doctors, physicians and surgeons with years of experience and vast knowledge in the field of dermatology and hair restoration techniques and their expertise will surely help you in treating any degree of baldness by using surgical or non-surgical methods for hair restoration (whichever suits you the best).

We make use of the latest technologies and formulas, infuse our long years of experience in understanding the rudiments of the problem, and offer the treatment accordingly. This ensures that you receive the right treatment that is bespoke and tailor-made only for your particular type of problem.

Perfect Guidance

Hair loss treatments range from surgical to non-surgical. But not everyone needs a surgical treatment. Some problems cannot be solved just by topical medication and do require Hair transplantation. Whereas few problems can be treated merely by providing the right guidance and suggesting cover up solutions such as hair weaving.

At Satya hair Transplant delhi clinic, we first guide the patients properly and inform them in detail about their hair problem. We always put ourself in the patient’s shoes & recommend only those treatments which we would have done to ourself.

One Stop Treatment Center

We understand that when you are worried about your hair loss problem, you are really looking for an expert guidance that will provide you with all the solutions that are currently available in the hair care, treatment and transplantation field. Therefore advantages and disadvantages of all the possible treatment which are available throughout the world are told to the patient honestly and an unbiased opinion is delivered. This helps you to take an informed decision and choose treatment, best suited to you. The team of Satya hair clinic is well versed with both invasive and non-invasive methods of treating your hair loss.

Our team of experts is highly qualified and has an experience of more than a decade in the hair care field. Since ,we at Satya are doing all the treatments related to hair care varying from synthetic hair implant, natural hair transplant, stem cell treatment, hair weaving, PRP treatment, mesotherapy and laser hair stimulation therapy. So we are not into the category of so called “Only FUE Clinic” or “Only Mesotherapy Clinic”

Hence, you can be assured of getting the best and the latest solution for your hair problem at Satya clinic.

All Hair Loss Treatments Under One Roof

Thinning hair and hair loss is becoming a common problem among people of all age group nowadays. Statistics show that about 50% of women suffer from hair loss around the world, whereas about 40% of men suffer from hair loss by the ages of 35 years, the percentage which rises to 65% by the age of 60 and 80% by the age of 80. Heredity, changes in the body hormones, having some medical condition and taking medication havingside effects are some of the reasons for excessive hair loss. Getting right treatment at the right time is a crucial part in the process of Hair Restoration,as delays or wrong treatment could lead to increasing the process of hair loss. Consulting with an expert in the field about the cause of hair loss could really help. Satya is a top clinic for hair loss treatment in Delhi offering hair treatment solutions that would suit you the best. We take a complete health checkup of our patient and go through all of his medical history in order to find the root cause of the hair loss in his particular case and only after that, we suggest best suitable treatment to the patient.

Hair Transplant Cost

People are now a days loosing hair at a faster pace which causes lot of social embarrassment & hence are looking for cost effective hair loss solutions.Hair transplant is one of the most effective solution available for hair loss.There are many hair transplant clinic offering hair transplant service.So a patient searching for hair transplant clinic gather some information from internet & some from advertisement. There is another category of patients who get to know about hair transplant from a patient who had already undergone a hair transplant surgery.So the safest place to undergo a hair transplant surgery is the one which you can trust & definitely reference from a patient who is happy with his hair transplant result should be the main criteria for choosing a hair transplant clinic.But unfortunately most of the patients,when contact a hair transplant clinic, they are interested in knowing only hair transplant cost per graft and they somehow turn a blind eye towards the quality of a hair transplantation.No doubt hair transplant cost is a very important factor but it should not be the only criterion.

There are many clinics where there are no doctors, such clinics are run by business man & have franchise in different cities. Most of  these hair transplant clinic hire untrained & less skilled technicians & some trainee doctors to operate an a patient.

The doctors/technician have no liabilities towards the patient. All they care about is, to reduce hair transplant cost. Anyways hair transplant cost per graft is a tricky thing because by no means a patient can exactly know the number of grafts done. So to reduce hair transplant cost in terms of per graft cost,such hair transplant clinic generally tell a very high number of grafts which is actually not possible but the patient does not understand this scenario & concentrate only on two things:

1. Huge number of grafts.
2. Low cost

So he does not even see what kind of results that hair transplant clinic is giving.At times just one before & after pic in patients gallery is very misleading & most of the times is the result of trick photography.

Because such hair transplant clinics don’t have good hair transplant result to show or patients to give you references, they always try to trap you by offering low hair transplant cost and offering you unrealistic results.

In the heat of the moment, patient doses not realize & then the never ending wait starts for these hair to grow.Generally after 1 year he realizes that he has been be fooled by low hair transplant offers.