Test patch of 100 FUE

FUE Test Patch Transplant: 100 Grafts

Name: Mrs. Rajni
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Baldness:  Grade V
Treatment: FUE
Grafts: 100 Test Patch Done

Mrs. Rajni had a disease called pseudopelade or scarring alopecia. This is an irreversible type of hairloss and no growth is possible with medicines. In such cases medicines can be used to stabilize the hairloss. Surgical hair restoration is the only solution to get back hair in the areas where it is not present. However, if the scarring is more, then even hair transplantation might not work.

So in such cases we need to do a test patch to see whether hair are growing in that small area or not. After the success of the test patch only we go ahead with the full transplantation procedure. These cases are difficult and there are only few clinics in India who do surgery in case of scarring alopecia.

So we did a test patch of 100 hair in this patient. Hair were taken by FUE technique from the back of head and were implanted in the marked area. Her 10 days post op picture shows nice healing of the donor area. Four months Post op picture shows growth of hair in the transplanted area.

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