Dr.Pranay Before & After Follicular Unit Extraction 1200 Hair Transplant

DSFT Transplant: 1200 Grafts

Dr. Pranay is a surgeon himself. He had Androgenetic alopecia mainly affecting the frontal area. He had taken many treatments earlier, including homeopathy and ayurvedic but to no respite. He came to us on recommendation of one of his patients who had undergone surgery at our center.

After proper investigation and a detailed discussion about the treatment options and patient’s expectation we decided to do 1200 grafts by FUE method. Dr. Pranay had excellent hair density in the donor area. Most of his grafts which we took out were 3 to 4 follicular grafts. The grafts were taken out in such a way that in 1200 grafts we had almost 4500 hair. Six month post op pictures show such an excellent growth with a very small number of grafts. Even the patient didn’t believe the kind of results he got.

City/Country: India
Treatment: DSFT
Grafts: 1200
Surgery Date: 3.Jul.2013

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