DSFT Transplant: 2100 grafts

Vikramaditya had baldness mainly affecting frontal area and the crown. He had taken a lot of treatments and had also undergone a transplant session by DSFT method at some other clinic swith the results of previous surgery. One of his friend s had actually undergone a surgery at Satya clinic, so he came to us. It was again a difficult case as there was a lot of scarring in the recipient area and a big scar at the donor site. We decided to go DSFT  Technique 2100 grafts  in a single session. It was a good painless experience.

According to the patient he was very comfortable during the DSFT Hair Transplant surgery as compared to the first time. The frontal area of the head was done with 1700 grafts and 400 grafts were placed in the crown. Immediate post op pictures show good and nice natural looking hairline. The post op recovery was pretty fast.

Within 7 months patient had head full of hair. He could not believe the DSFT results. It was an absolutely natural looking hair line and nobody now can say that he has undergone a hair restoration surgery. He looks much younger, smarter and confident. That is why we say WE TRANSFORM LIVES & we truly do.

City/Country: Delhi/ India
Baldness:  Grade V
Treatment: DSFT
Grafts: 2100

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