FUE & Biofibre Transplant: 4000 Grafts

Dr. Anurag had grade 6 Androgenetic alopecia. He was a doctor by profession and had undergone one session of stem cell transplant and one session of FUT from Mumbai. Not even a single hair grew out of it. He was very depressed when he came to us. His marriage was round the corner and because of his previous bad experience at Mumbai he was very scared to undergo another natural hair transplant session. It was again a very tricky case and time was also a major factor.

At Satya Hair Transplant Clinic all the treatment options are available under one roof, he didn’t have to run here and there. The treatment was customized according to the time factor, number of grafts and costing. After a counseling session with Dr. Shaiil Gupta, he went ahead with the treatment.

We did around Biofibre Hair Transplant 1000 grafts first for the marriage purpose and then took them out after a month and did FUE Hair Transplant 4000 grafts. He had paucity of the donor area and a very big scar at the back because of the previous surgery. We extracted grafts from the scalp as well as beard. Around 350 grafts were put in the donor scar of the previous surgery. The procedure took 2 days. Within 6 months patient had excellent growth of hair. Everybody in the family is happy with his new look. He is a changed man now. According to the patient the result was more than his expectations.

Name:  Dr. Anurag
City/Country: Mumbai/ India
Baldness:  Grade VI
Treatment: FUE/ Biofibre
Grafts: 2800
Surgery Date: 28.Jun.2013

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