Saurabh Before & After FUE 2500 Hair Transplant with PRP Treatment

FUE Transplant+PRP Treatment: 2500 Grafts

Name: Mr. Saurabh (Name Changed)
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Baldness:  Grade V
Treatment: FUE
Grafts: 2500

Mr. Saurabh (Name Changed) had recession of hair line from the front and sides. The angles of the sides were very deep. He had taken many treatments and nothing worked for him. His baldness was progressive and was not responding to any treatment. We put him on some medicines and lotions. He responded well to the treatment and his hair loss was controlled in 2 months time. After getting the confidence back in our treatment he decided to go ahead with the transplant procedure with Satya. We decided to do 2500 Grafts by Follicular Unit Extraction Procedure  for him. His one week post FUE Hair Transplant pictures show healing of the donor area without any scarring and even the transplanted area healed well. Small hair were growing from the transplanted roots.

Patient was very happy with the progress. Three PRP treatment sessions were also done including one at the time of surgery itself which resulted in early healing and he had significant growth by 9 months of surgery. We have seen this in many patients that when PRP treatment is combined with the surgery, results are amazing and it results in faster and thicker hair growth.

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