Mr. Shiv Before & After FUT & FUE 4000 Hair Transplant

FUT and FUE Transplant: 4000 Grafts

Mr. Shiv Kumar had undergone a hair transplantation surgery earlier which was not successful. He had very thin donor hair at the scalp. The patient was not ready to use his body hair. We combined FUT surgery with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in a single session. We did 2500 grafts by FUT and 1500 grafts by FUE. We had also inserted some grafts in the scar of the previous surgery.

Within 15 days the hair started growing well and the donor area also healed well. The scar of previous surgery was hardly visible. The new scar was very thin and hair were also growing through the scar tissue because of trichophytic closure. We had implanted only 4000 grafts in grade 7 baldness. Such patients require at least 6000 grafts. But the hair were implanted in such a manner that it looks filled from front. Overall result was satisfactory considering the small number of grafts and thin donor hair.

Name:  Mr. Shiv Kumar
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Baldness:  Grade V
Treatment: FUT and FUE Combined
Grafts: 4000

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