FUT Transplant: 3000 Grafts

Name:  Mr. Irfan
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Baldness:  Grade V
Treatment: FUT
Grafts: 3000

Mr. Irfan had mainly frontal baldness. The central part of the crown was also significantly thinned out. He had taken a lot of treatments and consulted many doctors but nothing worked. He was not convinced to get a transplantation procedure done on his scalp because of the fear of surgery. Some of his friends earlier have had a bad experience of transplant at some other centers.

After meeting Dr. Shaiil Gupta he was convinced and all his fears and doubts were answered. We decided to 3000 grafts by FUT Strip Method. Majorly the frontal area and crown area of Mr.Irfan was covered. Four months post FUT Hair Transplant pictures show early growth. His eight months post op pictures show significant change in his looks. Mr. Irfan is much more confident and feels good about him. Infact he is so happy with the results that he has decided to undergo one more session to increase the density. He has recommended many of his colleagues for surgery to us.

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