FUT Transplant: 3000 Grafts

Name: Mr. Alok (name changed)
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Baldness:  Grade V
Treatment: FUT
Grafts: 3000

Mr. Alok (name changed) had grade 5 baldness. He had a big patch at the crown and frontal recession of the hair line. He was on medication which had stabilized his hair loss. He would have required around 5000 grafts for good coverage of the bald area. But he was interested in one session of FUT Hair transplant.

We did 3000 grafts by FUT Method Hair Transplant, which was the maximum number we could extract from his donor strip. The grafts were placed in the front and crown diffusely. His 8 months post op pictures show decent coverage for the number of the grafts we did. It will improve further with time. He will definitely require one more session of at least 2000 grafts.

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