FUT Transplant: 2800 grafts

Twenty-five year old Gaurav from Delhi was distressed when he began to lose hair at an alarming rate. He was diagnosed with Grade 5 androgenic alopecia or Male pattern baldness. Androgenic alopecia is a common form of hair loss in men, affecting about 70% of the male population, typically present with hairline recession at the temples and vertex balding.At such a young age, loss of hair made Gaurav uncomfortable with the way he looked, and consequently led to loss of self-confidence.

He tried several approaches to solve his problem, going by both homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicine, but to no avail. After many disappointments, which lead to no improvement, finally, he decided to come to Satya clinic.

At Satya Clinic, after proper investigation of his condition, treatment was started to prevent any further hair loss. Within two months, Gaurav noticed a significant reduction in hair loss. Satisfied with his progress so far, he decided to go for the FUT 2800 grafts at Satya Hair Transplant Clinic.

Keeping in mind the expectations of the patient, we had a detailed discussion about the hairline and density, and decided to proceed by transplanting 2800 grafts by the FUT method.

As clearly seen in the post op pictures at just two weeks, his hair thickness and density in the donor area were excellent. As the months passed by, there was miraculous improvement in the coverage, and within 6 months the entire bald area covered entirely with transplanted hair, which looked absolutely natural. After witnessing appreciable improvement, we went ahead with Trichophytic closure, after which hair started growing normally through the scar tissue as well. As seen in the post op pictures, the results are satisfactory, and the transplanted hair look completely natural.

Happy with the results, Gaurav says that his live has been transformed at Satya. He has regained his lost confidence and youthfulness and is more than satisfied with his progress.

Name:  Gaurav
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Baldness:  Grade V
Treatment: FUT
Grafts: 2800

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