Hamid Before & After FUT Strip method Hair Transplant

FUT Transplant: 2000 Grafts

Mr. Hamid (Name changed) from Afghanistan had significant thinning of hair affecting the frontal part and the entire scalp. He had grade 4 Androgenetic alopecia. He had taken a lot of treatments in Afghanistan and India but nothing worked out for him. We evaluated him and after complete evaluation and discussion he decided to go for 2000 grafts by FUT Strip Method.

He didn’t want anybody to know that he had undergone a transplant procedure. So we planted hair in the existing roots only without shaving them off. He had good donor density. When he came for a follow up visit to out clinic after 5 months he had an excellent coverage and a beautiful central puff of transplanted hair. He was very happy with the results. The end result was very natural looking and satisfactory. The donor scar was hardly visible because of the Trichophytic closure. Mr. Hamid was very happy and satisfied with results.

Name:  Mr Hamid
City/Country: Afghanistan
Baldness:  Grade IV
Treatment: FUT
Grafts: 2000

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