Ishwinder Before & After FUT 1500 Hair Transplant

FUT Tractional Alopecia Transplant: 1500 grafts

Name: Mr. Ishwinder
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Baldness:  Grade V
Treatment: FUT
Grafts: 1500

Mr. Ishwinder was a case of traction Alopecia. He used to wear a turban earlier and after removing it he had lost hair in the frontal area because of constant pull. Many sikh patients come to us for this problem. Natural hair transplant is the only permanent solutions for such patients. Although he would have required around 2500 grafts  buy FUT surgery for good coverage but because of monitory constraints he decided to go for only 1500 grafts by FUT Hair Transplant. Such surgeries are difficult and require a lot of patience and skill as there is a lot of scarring in the affected area.

We at satya have been doing these surgeries quite regularly with 100% success rate. His surgery went very well and even with such a small number of grafts he had good and uniform natural looking hair growth. his nine months post op pictures show good results. the patient and his relatives were very happy with the outcome of the surgery.

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