Award & Media Gallery

Satya Hair Clinic believes in restoring, transforming and rebuilding lives through ourwork. Having performed more than 3000 transplant surgery and more than 5 lakh implants in a span of just 10 years, we find no need to justify ourselves through deceitful advertising which is the case with most organizations today.

‘Satya’ means Truth and we abide by it. If you scan our career space or even our websites, they are devoid of a MEDIA GALLERY but you will certainly observePATIENT TESTIMONIALS. By definition a testimonial means a formal statement that positively endorses one’s qualifications or work. And that is exactly what legitimizes and substantiates Satya Hair Clinic and its doctors.

We do not believe in purchasing awards from bogus enterprises or celebrities that endorse products for a few pennies. We believe in the genuine evolution and reconstruction of troubled individuals who come to us with hope. Our brand ambassadors are our patients who speak for us and are more than willing to validate our work.

Most of our patients are referrals in spite of no broadcast&advertising. It is because contentment is a treasure that never drains and so is the patient treated by Satya Hair Clinic.

Our biggest award is the SMILE, which comes on our patients face after getting the amazing hair transplant results

There are many other enterprises that may have mushroomed giving similar services but ultimately fail to deliver the quality that is actually required for the price. We therefore, urge the people not to be misled with award displays and endorsements which are actually a free-flow at this time. We beseech you for your own safety to approach us for a genuine, cost-effective and realistic consultation for your basic hair needs.

Comb your hair every morning and along with it…your heart