Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

In follicular hair transplant, the permanent hair from the back and the sides is transplanted onto the bald area. The biggest advantage of this follicular hair transplant is that it allows transplantation of up to 5000 follicular units in a single session.

Salient features of Satya’s technique of FUT

We use a special closure technique for stitching the donor site called Trichophyticclosure. This is particularly helpful in creating a very fine scar line at the donor site & we see hairs growing through the scar tissue. So the biggest concern of the patient of having a big scar at the back of head in FUT is taken care of.

The strip is then dissected under magnification into follicular units containing 1, 2 or 3 follicles. The hairs are implanted in the bald area in pre made slits by fine needles under local anesthesia. We take utmost care of the grafts at every step. Grafts are dissected under high end Japanese microscopes to avoid wastage.

Mega sessions:  In a single session even 5000+ grafts can be implanted provided the donor area is dense enough to provide that many grafts. This is a big advantage as it saves patient’s time & money & there is no need to go for multiple small sessions. Read More

FUT Advantage

Follicular unit transplant is ideal for both men and women if they are facing hair loss problems in the following areas:

  • Receding hairline or hair loss in the front
  • Extensive loss of hair on the crown and top area
  • Receding hairline near the temple area
  • To add density to an area consisting of scanty hair
  • Scars found in beard, scalp or eyebrow due to injury or burn
  • Hair can also be transplanted in beard, moustache, eyebrow or eyelashes

Follicular Unit  Transplant Results

Hair transplantation is being done at a lot of clinics, now-a days. But there are many things which one has to look for while choosing a transplantation clinic… Read More

Gaurav Before & After FUT 2800 Hair Transplant
Mr Mehta Before and After FUT 1700 Hair Transplant
Hamid Before & After FUT Strip method Hair Transplant
Mr. Shiv Before & After FUT & FUE 4000 Hair Transplant
Tarun Before & After FUT 3000 Hair Transplant
Patient Before & After Natural and Synthetic 3000 Hair Transplant