Hair Transplant Result Dr Shaiil

FUE Transplant: 900 Grafts

Name:  Mr. Aaryan (name changed)
City/Country: United Kingdom
Baldness:  Grade V
Treatment: FUE
Grafts: 900

Mr. Aaryan (name changed) had baldness in the crown. He had taken many treatments but it didn’t work. One of his friends had undergone a transplant surgery at our centre. He was very much satisfied with the results of his friend’s surgery. He would have required at least 1500 grafts, but the patient had some monitory issues and wanted only 900 grafts. So we did 900 grafts by FUE method.

The grafts were placed in the crown in such a manner that the area looked quite filled and natural. It is sometimes very difficult to give a very natural look to the patient with a small number of grafts. It is an art to place these grafts so that the area looks naturally thinned out. The patient was very happy with the outcome of surgery and did come to us for further filling later on.

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