Patient Before & After Natural and Synthetic 3000 Hair Transplant

FUT+FUE+ Synthetic Hair Implant: 2800 Grafts

Mr. Ankit (name changed), had diffuse baldness affecting almost the entire scalp. The donor area at the back side was also thin. Patient didn’t have good body hair. So with the limited number of thin donor hair we decided to combine natural hair transplantation with synthetic hair implant. First we did 1500 grafts by FUT method followed by 1500 grafts by FUE method. After 8 months when we noticed good hair growth from the grafts we decided to do 3000 Biofibres. So within 9 months Amit had very good and satisfactory coverage of the bald area.

Name:  Mr. Ankit (name changed)
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Baldness:  Grade V
Treatment: Mix of Natural and Synthetic Hair Implant
Grafts: 2800

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