Before-and-After-Master biofibre Synthetic Hair Transplant

Synthetic Hair Transplant-Biofibre: 4000 Grafts

Name:  Faizal (name changed)
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Treatment: Synthetic Hair Transplant-Biofibre
Grafts: 4000

Faizal (name changed) had significant thinning of hair in the frontal area and the central portion of scalp. He had good donor area and we explained him about all the procedures and suggested him to go for a natural hair transplant procedure. But for some or the other reason he was not interested in natural hair transplant. He was very keen to get synthetic hair implant. All the benefits and side effects were explained to him in details.

With his consent we did 4000 Biofibres in this patient. There is excellent coverage as shown in the post op picture. He was very happy with the results and had absolutely natural looking hair line. It was really difficult for even us to differentiate his natural hair from the synthetic hair.

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