Before-and-After Result of biofibre Synthetic Hair Transplant

Synthetic Transplant Biofibre: 2000 Grafts

Name:  Mr. Sanjay
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Treatment: Synthetic Hair Transplant-Biofibre
Grafts: 2000

Mr. Sanjay had grade 6 baldness. He had been taking treatments like mesotherapy and stem cell from some other clinic. But nothing worked out for him. His engagement was round the corner and he was very worried. Then one of his friends told him about Satya. He had shortage of time and was very eager to go for synthetic hair implant.

We explained him about synthetic hair implants in detail. Same day we did a test patch of 100 hair and after 10 days did a session of 2000 Biofibres was done, a day before his engagement. Although we did only 2000 Biofibres, but the hair were placed in such a way that it looks very good and covered from the front. The very next day nobody could recognize that he had synthetic hair and there was no sign of surgery. He was very happy with the results.

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