Before-and-After Synthetic Hair Transplant

Synthetic Hair Transplant NIDO: 9000 Grafts

Name:  Mr. Aamir
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Treatment: Synthetic Hair Transplant-NIDO
Grafts: 9000

Mr. Aamir had grade 7 baldness. The donor hair were very thin and not suited for hair transplantation. Patient was from Kuwait. He had an important event to attend after one week. He didn’t have time for even the test patch and didn’t want to use a wig or patch for that function. In ideal circumstances we should do a test patch and wait for at least a month so that immediate foreign body reactions can be ruled out.

But the patient gave consent for the full procedure. All the possible side effects were explained to the patient and the procedure was done with his full concent. We did 9000 Nido in 2 sessions on 2 consecutive days. To the best of our knowledge there is no other centre in India, which can do that many synthetic hair in a single day. He had head full of hair at the time of function. He was so amazed to have head full of hair in just 2 days. Hairline looks absolutely natural and beautiful. Mr. Aamir was very happy with the results and got what he desired.

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