Before-and-After Nido Synthetic Hair Surgery

Synthetic Hair Transplant NIDO: 2000 Grafts

Name:  Mr. John (name changed)
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Treatment: Synthetic air Transplant-NIDO
Grafts: 2000

Mr. John (name changed) had baldness in the frontal area. Although he had good donor area and was a good candidate for natural hair transplantation, but again he has his marriage coming in next 10 days. So he wanted a quick solution. We told him about the benefits and side effects of synthetic hair. He understood the fact that synthetic hair are not permanent. It is just a temporary solution for baldness.

He just wanted synthetic hair for a few months and wanted to come for a natural hair transplant later on. Many of our patients do this. They get synthetic hair implants to meet there immediate requirements and later on get them removed and come for natural hair transplantation. We did 2000 Nido in a single session. The procedure was absolutely painless. The immediate post op picture shows good coverage. Patient was very happy with the result. He was very much satisfied with the kind of density and natural looks he got.

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