1000 Nido Synthetic Hair Transplant Surgery Results

Synthetic Hair Transplant NIDO: 1000 Grafts

Name:  Ms. Pandey (name changed)
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Treatment: Synthetic Hair Transplant-NIDO
Grafts: 1000

Ms. Pandey (name changed) had been suffering from alopecia areata. It was a long standing disease of more than 10 years duration. She had taken a lot of treatments and nothing worked for her. Her disease was stable for more than 8 years. The donor area was also affected by the disease so she was not a good candidate for natural hair transplantation surgery. So we decided to do Nido in her case.

She had a large area of baldness to cover, but she wanted us to fill it up in the most natural looking way possible with minimum number of hair. In this patient we did only 1000 hair to cover the bald area. But the immediate post op picture shows average coverage. It will improve once she washes her hair as the picture was taken immediately after the procedure. Moreover the hair which we used were just 15 cm in length while she had long hair. It was done to cut down the price. She was happy with the final outcome.

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