Synthetic Transplant NIDO: 300 Grafts

Name:  Priyanka
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Treatment: Synthetic Hair Tarnsplant-NIDO
Grafts: 300

Priyanka had a scar on the head. She had already taken a session of natural hair transplant session on that scar from some other clinic one year back. but nothing grew out of that surgery. The scar tissue was very thin and a lot of atrophy was there. She had also taken some intralesional steroid injections in the scar. Probably because of that there was so much atrophy. So we decided to do 300 Nido in this patient to cover the scar.

Immediate post op picture shows good coverage. She was happy to see the scar tissue filled up immediately. But in our experience we have seen that the percentage fall of synthetic hair, in case of scar tissue is more as compared to normal skin. So she might need some frequent touch ups.

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