1200 biofibre Synthetic Hair Transplant Result

Synthetic Hair Transplant: 1200 Grafts

Name:  Mr. Rohit (name changed)
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Treatment: Synthetic Hair Transplant
Grafts: 1200

Mr. Rohit (name changed) had frontal baldness. He had his marriage 3 days later. So he didn’t have any time for a test patch. We explained him the purpose of test patch, but because of time constraint he decided not to go for a test patch. In a case like his, we would have required a huge number of synthetic hair. But since synthetic hair are not permanent, as a rule we always suggest our patient a very small number of synthetic hair.

Dr. Shaiil Gupta is an artist in putting the grafts in a way that it looks fuller and natural. All our patients including natural hair transplant patients are benefited from this. In this patient we did 1200 Biofibres only, but the grafts were placed in such a manner that it looks very much covered from all the angles. Patient was very happy with the results. Later on he came for natural hair transplant after 6 months.

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