biofibre 900 Synthetic Hair Transplant Result

Synthetic Transplant: 900 Grafts

Name:  Mr. Scotland (name changed)
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Treatment: Synthetic Hair Transplant-Biofibre
Grafts: 900

Mr. Scotland (name changed) had recession of hairline from the front. He was a good candidate for natural hair transplant but didn’t want natural hair transplant. He had some important function coming up next week. All the pros and cons of synthetic hair implant were explained to him and then he decided to go for Biofibres. He would have required a good number of Biofibres to cover the bald area, but we decided to cover it up with minimum possible number of Biofibres.

We did only 900 Biofibres in this patient. The hair were placed in such a manner mostly in the front and little in the sides that it was well covered. Even the patient didn’t expect that kind of natural looking coverage with such a small number of hair. Patient was very happy with the results. After one year we removed the synthetic hair and did a session of natural hair transplant by FUE method 1500 grafts.

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