About Satya's Clinic

Satya Hair Loss Treatment Clinic is where you get to see the most recent innovations on medical treatment turn into an efficient patient care. The clinic was established in the year 2005 and has since been a measure on excellence. Dr Shaiil Gupta and Dr Ruchi Agarwal have together started the clinic with a clear intention to provide excellent international quality treatments in the field of hair restoration and dermatology as well. After a span of almost 10 years the clinic has to its credit patient satisfaction and excellence on treatment.

The clinic has become a renowned name in the field of hair transplantation in the last 9 years. The patients are being given an assortment of services such as mesotherapy, stem cell treatment, hair weaving, synthetic hair transplant, hair implant, PRP treatment and Laser hair stimulation treatment. The clinic makes sure that the treatment modalities are world class and affordable at the same time. The patients can thus choose from a range of services as per the affordability and convenience.

As one among the prominent Hair Baldness clinics in India, Satya Hair Loss Treatment Clinic redefines patient care. The team of doctors, in leadership of Dr Shaiil Gupta, has significantly improved on time and efficiency. What earlier was a very painful and time intensive procedure has now been reduced to just a few sittings and patient friendly procedure. The clinic excels with its unique anaesthesia technique wherein the needle induces less pain. The graft survival rate is also significantly improved for a better output on hair transplantation.

Our efforts do also show on the quality of treatment. The transplanted hair offers the most natural appearance and cosmetic results. The hairline is designed in such a way that it looks absolutely natural. Dr Shaiil Gupta utilizes the most sophisticated technology and imported blades for a good result on hair transplant. This also makes the hair graft sit easily in the skin and no immunological problems occur after the treatment.

We aim to be patient centric. The patients are all asked to mention specifically about their expectations with the work and needs. The team of experts make sure that the best suited treatment is given at an affordable price. The warm ambience and the friendly staff make it all the more convenient for the patients. Our growing number of patients in India and aboard is a testimony to this.

Gaurav Before & After FUT 2800 Hair Transplant
Mr Mehta Before and After FUT 1700 Hair Transplant
Hamid Before & After FUT Strip method Hair Transplant
Umang Before & After FUE 3500 Hair Transplant
Dr.Pranay Before & After Follicular Unit Extraction 1200 Hair Transplant