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    Dr. Shaiil Gupta started the practice of hair restoration in year 2000, after finishing his graduation from the medical school, University College of medical sciences UCMS Delhi. The clinical skills which he learnt from there, helped him to implement the experience and innovations in the field of hair restoration to the benefit of his patients.

    He continued his journey and passion of hair restoration during his post-graduation from Maulana Azad medical College Delhi in his training of dermatology. Both the institutes are premier educational organisations in India and are well-known across the globe for excellence in medical education. He acquired qualities like experience, patience, hard work, compassion, care & honesty during these years of vigorous medical training.

    Dr Gupta who has coveted memberships in India and globally, such as American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Association of Italian Medical Implantologists (AIMA, Italy), Association of Cutaneous Surgeons in India, Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India and Indian Association of Dermatologists………………………………………………….

    Dr Shaiil Gupta has an experience of over 7500 hair transplants and more than 1000 repair surgeries. He is a world class surgeon with his training in speciality areas like repair hair transplants, synthetic hair implants, combination techniques & body hair transplants.

    Dr. Gupta is a qualified doctor with Masters in Dermatology and association with most renowned hospitals in India such as GTB Hospital, LNJP and GB Pant. He has had a world class exposure to medical advancements in the field of hair transplantation at countries such as Dubai, Italy, Thailand and Korea. The doctor has to his credit 7500 hair transplant surgeries that include FUT, FUE, Body hair transplant and Synthetic hair transplant.

    Besides being an experienced & skilful surgeon, Dr. Shaiil Gupta is also a subconscious healer. This comes very handy to motivate the victims of bad hair transplant. Dr. Gupta is a musician, writer, singer & composer as well. Now this adds a totally different dimension to his work, perhaps that is the reason why we see a huge artistic difference between Dr. Shaiil’s work & any other hair transplant surgeon’s work.

    Dr. Shaiil Gupta is the only surgeon in the world who uses & has mastered all the techniques of hair transplant. That is the reason why Dr. Shaiil Gupta receives love, appreciation & respect from all over the globe.

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