Know your Doctors

Experience and expertise make us who we are. Dr Shaiil Gupta leads the team of surgeons who work unerringly to offer a specialised treatment and post-op care on hair transplantation. Dr. Gupta is a qualified doctor with Masters in Dermatology and association with most renowned hospitals in India such as GTB Hospital, LNJP and GB Pant. He has had a world class exposure to medical advancements in the field of hair transplantation at countries such as Dubai, Italy, Thailand and Korea. The doctor has to his credit 1500 hair transplant surgeries that include FUT, FUE, Body hair transplant and Synthetic hair transplant. In the field of punch grafts, Dr Gupta has already performed more than 100 repair surgeries. An advanced training in the latest Aesthetic Laser Technology at Thailand makes him stand among the select few doctors in India with such knowledge and training.

Dr Shaiil Gupta is a renowned Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi. He belongs to coveted memberships in India and globally, such as American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Association of Italian Medical Implantologists (AIMA, Italy), Association of Cutaneous Surgeons in India, Cosmetic  Dermatology Society of India and Indian Association of Dermatologists.

Dr Gupta is also a keen researcher in the field of Hair Transplantation and many of his papers have been widely recognised and appreciated. The patients get to experience one of the most innovative and documented techniques at his clinic. The speed and accuracy has been significantly improved which subsequently improves the outcome on graft survival rate. Also, the anaesthesia technique, devised by Dr Shaiil, makes it a lot safer and effective. The pricks are induced a lesser number of times giving the patient a less painful surgical experience.

Hair loss is not just a medical problem but it also has an effect on the individual’s confidence and self esteem. Indians are genetically more predisposed to this disease and only a few hair transplant doctors in India offer the right hair treatment. In most conditions the procedure is very time consuming and costly to your pocket. Dr Gupta gives the patients an exception as the treatment is made affordable and less time consuming. The patients need not come for innumerable visits and only a few sessions would give them the expected results. This gets better with the most professional and patient centric medical care to all the patients.

There are many hair transplant doctors in Delhi. So if a patient searching for a hair specialist in Delhi for his hair transplant, he often gets confused that, where to go and whom to choose. The patient explores a lot on internet, through you tube and many other social media to gather information regarding hair transplant. But as a hair transplant doctor, i would suggest the patients, not to rely totally on the information provided on social media and compare the facts of his own by visiting some hair specialists in Delhi personally to take an opinion regarding their hair loss restoration.

A doctor owned clinic should be the basic criteria for the patient’s first visit rather than a franchise based centre having multiple branches in India and outside India. The best hair specialist in Delhi will provide you with apt information regarding all the treatment options available. Then, based upon the facts provided by the hair transplant doctors in Delhi, one can easily judge the difference between a good and fake hair transplant. Look for a quality hair transplant rather than just comparing only the prices at different hair clinics, as in the rat race of comparing only the price, the patient ignores the quality of work which he will get at a low price clinic and then repents later on.

Visit once at Satya skin laser & hair transplant clinic to consult one of the best hair transplant doctors in Delhi to have a miraculous hair transplant on your head.