Why Satya

Hair Transplantation is an emerging science. The technological innovations and the surgical excellence have made it ever so preferable for treating hair loss. Satya Hair Transplant Clinic has earned a reputable place in the field of hair transplant by making it more affordable and effective. The clinic has excelled in the areas of FUT, FUE, Body Hair Transplant and Synthetic Hair Transplant. The patients can now make a selection on available treatments like natural hair transplant, synthetic hair implant, hair weaving, stem cell treatment, laser stimulation and PRP treatment. Each of these treatment options is made affordable to suit the requirements of its patients without any compromise on the quality of hair transplant.

Dr Shaiil Gupta has an experience of over 2500 hair transplants and more than 100 repair surgeries. He is a world class surgeon with his training in speciality areas like aesthetic laser technology stem cell treatment and mesotherapy. The clinic runs under able guidance of Dr Gupta who has coveted memberships in India and globally, such as American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Association of Italian Medical Implantologists (AIMA, Italy), Association of Cutaneous Surgeons in India, Cosmetic  Dermatology Society of India and Indian Association of Dermatologists.

Dr Shaiil Hair Clinic specializes in the latest technology and therapy areas. The speed and accuracy has been improved significantly along with a rise in graft survival rate. Dr Gupta utilizes a unique anaesthesia technique to reduce the pain with each graft and make it convenient for the patients. An outcome to all his efforts is the most natural appearance of the transplanted hair for patients suffering from hair loss and baldness. The hairline is designed in such a way that it looks absolutely natural. The imported blades and sophisticated techniques make it so possible. The transplanted hair looks so natural that even if you see the patient very closely, you would not be able to spot the difference. The transplanted hair looks just as beautiful as natural hair. Also the follicular growth is permanently regained on the scalp.

Our efforts have garnered us a rich base of customers who have during these years found the right treatment to their hair loss. Our experience and expertise make this possible for us to differentiate ourselves on patient care and medical treatment. Hair Loss is therefore no more a concern for any of us.


  1. CONSISTENT RESULTS EVERY TIME: The transplantation procedure done at SATYA, won’t look like a transplant. it looks absolutely natural. With years of experience, hard work, commitment and research we are able to provide you consistent results each time. More than 2500 patients are a testimony to this. 100% natural looks are guaranteed.
  2. FLEXIBILITY: It is very important as we can do mega sessions up to 5000 grafts in a single day with density more than 65 grafts/cm2. You don’t have to get a repeat surgery in that area again. But if the patient wish to undergo smaller sessions, we could perform that as well.
  3. TRUST FACTOR: We always believe that patient doctor relationship based on trust. Satya is a trusted name in the field of hair transplant. Patients from India as well as other parts of globe (US, Europe, Australia, Canada, Gulf countries etc.) have shown their faith in Satya. You will be happy in the end for choosing Satya.
  4. PATIENT COMFORT: We take utmost care to make your experience with us a memorable one. At each and every step, we take care of your needs. We use “SATYA technique”of anesthesia, which makes your surgery painless. You will be very comfortable during the surgery, either listening to the music or watching your favorite TV channel.
  5. QUALITY ASSURED: At Satya you are always assured of quality as we use the best and the latest equipment’s in the field of hair restoration. Every single step, right from choosing the procedure & hairline design till the end of procedure has been tested and proven with 100% success rate. All our patients are given “SATYA ASSURANCE”, where we guarantee you 100% natural looks and growth of transplanted hair.
  6. ALL AVAILABLE TREATMENTS UNDER ONE ROOF: SATYA is the only clinic in India offering the whole range of scientific and proven hair treatments under one roof, ranging from all the variants of natural hair transplant (FUT, FUE, body hair transplant and long hair transplant) to Synthetic hair implants (Nido&Biofibre). Hair weaving, PRP, Stem cell, mesotherapy, derma roller, advance laser hair stimulation treatment and other medical treatments are also available.