Non Surgical Treatment

Many patients who are still in early stages of baldness don’t require any surgical procedure and the baldness can be easily managed with some nonsurgical procedures which are easy to perform and absolutely safe. Sometimes medicines alone are not found to be that effective for baldness. These treatments not only help in preventing the progression of baldness but also help in making the existing hair grow thicker. These are equally effective for males and females.

These treatments are painless and require a few sessions which are repeated once a week or once a month depending upon the type of treatment we choose. Many patients who don’t want to undergo surgery or who have poor donor area also derive benefits from these treatments.

At Satya, you get the best of these treatments available under one roof. The best suited treatment is customized according to your need by the experts. These treatments are done by the experts in the field with years of experience and thousands of successfully treated patients to their credit. So you are in absolutely safe and trained hands.

There are many treatment options at SATYA in this category.

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