Hair Loss Treatment

Are you facing hair loss and searching for effective solution to restore your hairs? Satya Hair Transplant Clinic in India specializes in offering authentic solutions for the problem of hair loss and the treatments are delivered by a team of qualified experts. We have been serving the patients satisfactorily from around the world and especially Australia. While we promise the best quality that is on par with that in Australia and other countries, the cost of treatment is much lesser at our India clinic! Dr. Shail Gupta who leads the team at Satya Hair Transplant Clinic is a noted hair loss treatment expert and he offers objective advice to every seeker.

Since the cause of hair loss differs in men and women, we first analyze the hair loss pattern in every case before recommending the suitable treatment. Our India clinic specializes in entire range of hair restoration services that are currently in practice in Australia, US and the world over. We make use of the combination of surgical and non surgical therapies depending on the nature and cause of hair loss and baldness pattern in the individual. If the hair loss is detected at an early stage then it could be controlled through the administration of medicines alone. However, to cure evident baldness, we rely on the hair transplant procedures in accordance with the standard clinical practices. You get your hairs back as if you never lost them!

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Baldness grades and the choice of appropriate treatment –

Research and statistics state that baldness as a condition is increasing in scope and intensity around the world. Even young people in the age group of 20 – 22 are experiencing hair loss and baldness. Baldness etiology puts various factors as the underlying causes and psychological stress is counted among the chief drivers of hair loss!

To assist the clinicians towards offering objective and informed advice regarding hair loss treatment, various grades have been developed. Those who are diagnosed with grade 7 baldness are advised for hair transplant which is considered most effective hair loss treatment against other options like –

1. Medicinal
2. Procedural
3. Non surgical

Those with diffuse hair loss characteristics and androgenetic alopecia are invariably prescribed hair transplant as a permanent solution.

Medicines are recommended to prevent further hair loss and promote hair re-growth in the areas that show early signs of hair loss.

Procedural treatments include PRP, mesotherapy and stem cell therapy. These are considered adjuvant along with the medicines for those who suffer from diffuse hair loss pattern but without any discernible signs of baldness.

Throughout the world, hair transplant has become the first choice for those seeking hair restoration and re-growth.

Satya Hair Transplant Clinic in India specializes in the frontline hair transplant techniques such as FUE, FUT and DSFT. People can achieve thick and shiny hairs that will continue to grow like the natural hairs.


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