Follicular Unit Extraction Technique (FUE) - Procedure

Follicular Unit Extraction is popularly known as FUE and has become a craze among those that suffer hair loss problems and seek to reverse the look. Although this is one of the most recent innovations in medical procedure, it is perhaps the most sought after presently, because of its inherent advantages. In this process the technique used is to harvest hair follicles by using a very sophisticated precision tool for extracting the follicles. These extracted hair follicles are then implanted into a bald area of the person head, where tiny slits have been made.

No visible clues are left after the process

 In comparison, other methods prevalent use strips of hair removed from the head and transplanted in another location. A major difference between FUE and other method used is the apparent absence of scars on the donor location. Although that statement does not imply scars don’t happen at all, rather the scars are so insignificant that they are easy to conceal from plain view with existing hair on the head. This feature of FUE is a big factor when patient weight the various option for hair loss treatment. Naturally people don’t want to make it evident that they have had a hair transplant by leaving visual clues. Further the one of the great benefits that make people opt for this method is that it is far less invasive than other procedures. What accrues from this is that patients can be up and about their normal life almost immediately after their surgery process.

There are points of concern

Although in terms of the procedure followed some would say that FUE is less efficient when it is compared to FUT method. The reason for that being that knowledgeable people feel it is far possible to damage hair follicles during the extraction process in comparison to the efficiency of the FUT process. The reason being that when a punch is made on the scalp and if the alignment is not correct it is possible that a follicle ma get cut off. Should such a thing happen then the strength of that hair is greatly reduced and the hair will weaken appreciably. In FUE it is required to shave off the donor area completely before the process is initiated.

This is by far the most popular method

 For the people who have smaller patches of baldness on their heads, FUE is perhaps the best procedure to follow, because a smaller quantity of hair is easier to harvest. It is however important to go for the specialists consultations before the modalities of the process are finalised. It is also possible to make consultations over the internet, which is a big plus. The modality followed here is that you will be required to send pictures of your head to enable the specialist to evaluate the basics of what is required in your particular case. Although this is a complicated process, latest machines being used in FUE enable very high precision work and resultant a higher success rate. Although this method is relatively costlier than other methods, the benefits are really what attract people to this system.