FUE Results

When people are looking for the best means of a cure to their baldness, not only look for means to achieve but also the results the method gives. In this regards FUE has turned out to be perhaps the best alternative for people all over. It is follicular Unit Extraction that has gained a lead in comparison to the FUT method which is called the strip method. In spite of it being technically difficult, for the procedure to turn out successful one has to follow certain methods and precautions to ensure that success is certain.

Looks amazing with natural hair

Where as in strip method hair is extracted by removing a complete strip of scalp from a part of the head FUE uses a more traditional approach, where only 4-5 hair units are removed by using a sharp instrument and then implanted to another area. What this does is gives much less of a chances for scarring to take place. For the reason that the incision is so small the healing time taken is considered one of the fastest. Further according to the FUE Results that post operative look is amazingly difficult to tell from a hair full of real natural hair.

Ensures cleanliness

It is important to keep in mind that immediately after the operation for a period of around 48 hours, washing of hair is prohibited. That is because during that time the incision made is weak and there is a chance for the fresh hair implants to get dislodged from its implanted position. It is also recommended that for a reasonable period of time until the process is healed, certain care should be taken. This care is done by ensuring cleanliness of the implanted area as well as of the donor area, both. Washing as is normal is not to be followed, but rather one should swab the area with a moistened cotton ball. This will allow the implant area to heal faster and give superior FUE results.

Take good precautions

To get better FUE results one must also avoid direct sun light from coming on to the scalp for a period of atleast two weeks post operation. It is generally suggested that after this procedure one should sleep with the head propped up on slightly higher pillows as it will not let any kind of swelling happen. For good results it is further stated that no strenuous exercise may be done and lifting of heavy objects is prohibited. This is primarily done to ensure that no stress is applied to the scalp which may lead to bleeding and tearing of the freshly implanted area on the scalp.

One can observe good healing when scabs begin to form around the implanted area and the donor are as well. Here care must be taken to see that no picking and scratching of the area is done and they should be allowed to fall by themselves. Scratching of this area could also cause infection and will prevent good result from ensuing. Recovery time of FUE is far less compared to other methods and only simple care is required for getting good FUE results.