General Information

Hair Loss is also known as Alopecia or baldness. An individual with such a problem would see hair loss treatment more frequently than a normal individual.

Hair is an extension of hair follicle inside the skin i.e. endodermis made of a protein called Keratin. A normal individual has 1 to 1.25 lakh hair follicles on the head and every one continues to grow hair throughout the life. It is normal to see 100 hair fall every day, but it gets complicated if the numbers rise. A doctor would consult to take medicines first to reinforce any nutritional deficiency or hormone disorder / replacement therapy. But surgery remains the last resort for an aggrieved condition.


Patients who want to know about hair loss treatment should understand that this could be due to nutritional deficiencies, hormonal factors causing patterned baldness (male and female pattern baldness), compulsive pulling of hair (trichotillomania), fungal infection (teniacapitis), thyroid disorders and chemotherapy among others. In all the conditions the individual suffers not just from hair loss but also from the emotional trauma.

Hair transplantation is a procedure wherein the surgeon would put a graft of healthy hair back on the bald areas under effect of local anesthesia. This is pretty much like plastic surgery where the healthy skin from the other body parts is put back on the scar. The procedure may take single or multiple sessions to complete depending upon the severity of the condition. The transplanted hair fall within a few weeks but the hair follicle remains and it continues to grow hair permanently.