What is hair loss?

The human scalp contains 1,00,000-1,25,000 hairs with a density of 180-350 hairs/sq. cm. Every day we tend to lose 100 of them and this is considered normal. But, what if the frequency and quantity is more?

Hair Loss is a pathological disorder wherein the skin tends to lose hair frequently and in more quantities for multiple reasons.

A hair is a longitudinal outgrowth of a protein substance called Keratin. These grow out of a tubular cavity called hair follicle deep inside the endodermis. The hair follicles are present at the time of birth and they continue to grow hair throughout the life time. No new follicles are formed after birth. Each of the follicles would grow 20 to 30 strands of hair and each strand has a life span of 3-6 years. But in a situation of Hair Loss this life span gets shorter.

The reason for hair loss is varied from person to person. Most patients coming to a hair transplant surgeon suffer from patterned baldness or Androgenetic alopecia. You may also face hair loss due to a major stress or nutritional deficiency (telogen effluvium), tight braiding of the hair (traction alopecia), fungal infections (tineacapitis), inflammatory diseases (pseudopelade/ scarring alopecia), autoimmune diseases,etc.

Hair Transplant as Solution

Till date the best treatment and a permanent solution for baldness is hair transplant surgery. In other methods as soon as you stop the treatments, the benefits start to disappear. In hair transplantation however, the results are permanent and the transplanted hair don’t require any medicinal support. As hair are taken from the areas which are resistant to the hormonal effect, these hair stay forever. So this technique is a boon for hair loss patients, but one has to be very careful as these hair are permanent and become a part of your head & personality.

If planted incorrectly and in wrong directions, will keep on troubling you for the rest of your life. With the increasing popularity of this treatment, a huge number of clinics have mushroomed, which are not able to maintain the quality of results. No surprises, that the number of repair cases which we are coming to our clinic are increasing. So one has to be a lot careful while choosing the center for surgery. A lot of new technologies have evolved in this field recently.