Beard Hair Transplant

Beard Hair Transplant is a clinical procedure performed to restore hair on the beard area where facial hair growth is missing or thin. Sometimes the problems related to less growth of beard hair can be for a number of reasons such as genetics, injuries or burns, electrolysis, laser hair removal, etc. With advanced solutions available today for transplanting hair wherever one desires, beard hair transplant has also eased and increased. Most men prefer a full growth of the beard and this desire sometimes does go as wished. With the introduction of beard hair transplant procedure, many doctors and surgeons can now very systematically help you re-grow your beard the way you like it. Dr Shaill Gupta is a well known surgeon for facial hair transplant.

Beard Hair Transplant Cost

Beard Hair transplant cost usually varies depending on the number of grafts the surgeon has to perform. An average graft for a complete beard hair transplant is 300 – 500 depending on the thickness and nature of the beard. Some may prefer to have a fully covered beard from the cheek to the chin or some may prefer just a light growth around the cheeks, chin and moustache area. Hence your doctor will always check you first before prescribing a full procedure and cost involved.

Why and Advantages of Beard Hair Transplant?

Why Beard Hair- If you are not very comfortable with a clean shaven look and prefer beard hair, then it is advisable to undergo this procedure.
Advantages– There are advantages and disadvantages to every procedure however we can take a look at the advantages of beard hair transplant mentioned below:

  1. After the procedure, it can be naturally maintained by having a regular trim or shave done.
  2. Once transplanted the hair becomes permanent.
  3. They provide a natural appearance to your face and at times enhance your personality.
  4. They are painless transplants and can be done at an almost reasonable cost.

How is it performed?

Beard hair transplant surgery is performed by experienced surgeons with the help of oral or local anaesthesia. The choice of sedative is usually decided by the patient. The surgery may last a couple of hours depending on the area to be covered. Beard hair can be transplanted either taking hair from the back of your scalp or around the side of the scalp, depending on a near match to the beard colour. While the first 5 days after the surgery are crucial, it is imperative to keep the area dry. The sutures are dissolvable and hence the patient can easily resume his normal course of action the next day. The transplanted hair falls out after about two weeks and normal beard hair growth will resume post three months.


The results of Beard Hair Transplant Surgery are long lasting or last for a lifetime. The narrow incision heals quickly and the donor site is easily concealed. The grafts obtained by follicular unit extraction prove to be a choice for most patients.

Beard Hair Transplant Results

Umang Before & After FUE 3500 Hair Transplant
Sanchit Before & After FUE 4000 Hair Transplant