Hair Loss Treatment

Have you been experiencing hair loss? Are you looking for solutions to restore hair loss and hair regrowth treatment in Delhi, India? At Satya Clinic, we offer a suite of solutions to restore hair loss. As one of the leading experts in hair loss, we will precisely guide you to understand which baldness cure treatment is right for you. Since, the causes for hair loss in both men and women are different and hence we first analyze the kind of hair loss pattern you may be experiencing and accordingly suggest the right remedy for you. As Hair loss treatment for men is different from Hair loss treatment in women therefore we prefer different methods for both of them.

We offer a combination of both non-surgical and surgical treatments depending on the pattern of baldness. If hair loss is detected in the early stages, it is possible to deliver hair regrowth treatment in delhi through medicines while hair transplants are undoubtedly a permanent kind of treatment to rectify baldness and promote hair regrowth.

PRP Therapy is a popular alternative hair-restoration treatment. It is non-surgical and natural therapeutic treatment which is suitable for both men and women. In this, doctor takes a sample of patient’s blood and then that sample is processed in a centrifugal machine so that Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) can be separated from the blood. This PRP contains vital growth proteins and other essentials, which promote hair regrowth and strengthen the hair, as they are known for their tissue healing and regeneration properties. PRP is then injected into patient’s scalp or into the particular region, which suffers the hair loss or for those areas for which hair regrowth treatment is required.

PRP Therapy can be performed as a combination with hair transplant surgery for better stimulation of hair. Satya is one of the top clinics for PRP Treatment for Hair Loss in Delhi offering best quality services at really affordable prices.

There are many hair loss treatment Clinic in Delhi and in overall India, offering PRP treatment for hair loss, but the effects are not similar. Many patients take PRP, platelet rich plasma sessions at such hair loss treatment clinics in delhi, but don’t get desired results even after many sessions. This is because of the fact that for PRP to be effective a specific protocol has to be followed which includes separation of platelet rich plasma, effective anesthesia technique and proper activation of serum. At many hair loss treatment clinics not all the parameters are completed because of which desired hair regrowth is not achieved. That is why very often we come across patients, who have taken many sessions of hair regrowth treatments in delhi without any benefit. Such patients usually see positive changes in the form of stoppage of hair loss and increased thickness of hair, from the very first session at Satya. They also notice and appreciate the difference between the procedure technique done at Satya and there previous hair loss treatment clinic in delhi.

Different types of Hair Loss Treatment

Treatment by medicine: In early stages of hair loss, it is possible to treat the problem even with medicines depending on the pattern and density of baldness. At Satya clinic we conduct a couple of tests to determine if the problem can be treated with medicine and accordingly suggest the right medicines. However, medicines are not permanent solution, as they are effective only as long as you are using them. read more…

Non-surgical treatments: While surgical hair transplantation is the only permanent solution for people looking for hair loss treatment in delhi. Although there are few non-surgical treatments that could also be used. We offer whole range of nonsurgical solutions for baldness cure. These treatments include PRP(Platelet rich plasma), mesotherapy, derma roller & stem cell treatment. Some of the options include hair fiber powders, laser combs and hairpieces that can help those fighting a battle against baldness. read more…

Natural Hair transplantation: This is a permanent solution for hair loss working for both men and women. It is a very safe outpatient procedure, performed under local anesthesia. Grafts from the donor areas hair are taken and then transplanted onto the area where hair is thinning or there is a bald patch. read more…

Synthetic Hair Transplantation: In this revolutionary treatment, absolutely natural looking artificial hairs are implanted instead of natural hair. These hairs are made after years of research and experimentation. read more…

Hair Weaving: This is a nonsurgical technique where a patch of natural human hair is fixed in the bald area and merged well with the existing hair. This is also named as a instant hair regrowth treatment in delhi.It is very much natural looking but gives you a fixed look.  read more…

Baldness treatment

As the grade of baldness is increasing day by day,patients suffering from baldness are desperately looking for best and effective Baldness treatment in Delhi. The above mentioned baldness grade is quite variable as nowadays we find young person at a age of 24 also suffering from grade 5 or grade 7 baldness which was not seen before. Many studies are being done to know the etiology of baldness,but stress plays a major role among all these.
As a patient looking for a Baldness treatment in Delhi,wants a permanent relief from his balding areas.Baldness treatment in Delhi is divided broadly into 3 categories.

1. Medicines
2. Procedural Treatments
3. Hair transplant Surgery
4. Non surgical hair restoration

All the treatment modalities depends upon the grade of baldness of the patient and patients expectations. The best Baldness treatment is Delhi is the natural hair transplant surgery for people suffering from diffuse hair loss and androgenetic alopecia.

Patient looking for a Baldness treatment Delhi should use the Medicines regularly to prevent current hair loss and for future hair regrowth Procedural treatments which includes: Stem cell therapy, Mesotherapy and PRP can be an adjuvant along with the medicines for a patient with diffuse hair loss,and for a patient who has not yet developed any balding patches,these type of baldness treatment in delhi offers a great help to the patient.

Hair transplant surgery is still considered the best and permanent cure for baldness in men & women. At Satya hair clinic different techniques like FUT,FUE and DSFT are done as a Baldness treatment Delhi. This method of hair restoration provides the patients with thick lustrous hair permanently that can even be cut or shaved off.There are many Baldness treatment in Delhi but choosing a one which solves your purpose is very necessary.