Non Surgical Hair Treatment

Many patients who are still in early stages of baldness don’t require any surgical procedure and the baldness can be easily managed with some nonsurgical procedures which are easy to perform and absolutely safe. Sometimes medicines alone are not found to be that effective for baldness. These treatments not only help in preventing the progression of baldness but also help in making the existing hair grow thicker. These are equally effective for males and females.

These treatments are painless and require a few sessions which are repeated once a week or once a month depending upon the type of treatment we choose. Many patients who don’t want to undergo surgery or who have poor donor area also derive benefits from these treatments.

At Satya, you get the best of these treatments available under one roof. The best suited treatment is customized according to your need by the experts. These treatments are done by the experts in the field with years of experience and thousands of successfully treated patients to their credit. So you are in absolutely safe and trained hands.

There are many treatment options at SATYA in this category.

PRP: Off late there is a lot of talk about a revolutionary means of treatment that is completely non- surgical and goes by the name PRP. The word PRP actually stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and forms the basis of a truly revolutionary form of treatment for patients suffering from hair loss…  Read More

Stem cell treatment: Stem cells is a revolutionary technology which has a promising future. A lot of work still needs to be done in this field. According to the study, 60% of men will experience hair loss by the age of 35… Read More

Hair Cloning: It sounds like a very promising treatment option, where we shall be able to multiply the number of hair using cloning method. With a very small number of hair we will be able to create innumerable hair follicles. This is going to give you excellent coverage with unlimited supply of donor hair. But till date nothing concrete has happened in this field. We will have to wait for some more time for this treatment to unfold. However, these days there are many fake claims made by many clinics regarding hair cloning. Beware of such claims as you might end up losing your precious donor hair.

Mesotherapy: In this treatment vitamin injections mixed with some growth factors are injected into the scalp directly in the hair roots. Sometimes medicines like minoxidil are also mixed in the mixture of mesotherapy to increase the treatment efficacy as… Read More

Dermaroller: This is a collegen stimulating treatment where a roller with fine needles is rolled onto your scalp and afterwards medicine solution is applied to the scalp. It increases the blood flow in the roots and also enhances the penetration of the medicine deeper into the skin.

Laser Assisted Hair Regrowth (Laser Comb): Laser assisted hair regrowth is an advanced and latest technology at Satya. This is also known as photo-biostimulation. The miraculous laser light is used to deliver energy to the hair follicle which in turn increases blood flow and circulation in the scalp… Read More

Hair weaving: Patient who don’t want to undergo any of the above procedures or if their skin condition doesn’t allow those procedures. Hair weaving is a safe and effective option. We can cover large areas of baldness within a few minutes … Read More