Repair Surgery

With an increase in the number of transplant centers, the cases of transplant failure are also on a rise. Many clinics have sprung up in the last couple of years with very less experience but with very tall claims.  Moreover, many corporates have also got involved in hair transplantation opening chains of commercial centers. That is why, the number of repair cases which we are doing at Satya has also increased substantially in last 2 years.

A transplant failure causes a lot of undue suffering to the patient. It is not just a financial loss but also loss of permanent donor area, time and energy of the patient. The patient also loses faith in the procedure and a hope of getting his hair back. A large number of such cases are those who took hasty decisions while choosing the transplant center. But there are also many patients who took their time, did research but took decision just on the basis of lower cost at another center. This is very unfortunate, as we have seen many of such cases returning back to us for repair surgeries, with lost donor area, bad scarring & highly unnatural results.

Difficulties in Repair Surgeries:

  1. Fibrosis & scarring at the donor and recipient site makes extraction and implantation difficult.
    Limited donor supply is always an issue in such cases.
  2. Increased sensitivity of the patient because of previous surgery can make it difficult to numb that area.
    Decreased graft survival rate in the recipient site.
  3. Usually in such cases the previously implanted hair are at incorrect angles and directions. In some cases punches are also seen. Some patients have very low hairline & most of the times very unnatural looking hairline.
  4. Low morale of the patient. It is very important to give patient enough confidence and care as because of his earlier experience patient is very afraid & apprehensive.

These cases are difficult and challenging but we have operated many patients who have undergone even up to 8 surgeries earlier. Due to complexities of such cases, only a specialized center can do such surgeries. We have been routinely doing those repair surgeries which had been refused by other surgeons.

Requirements of Repair Surgeries:

  1. A lot of skill, art & expertise, as it is a very difficult surgery. The surgeon should be experienced  enough to deal with such cases.
  2. A good patient doctor relationship based on trust. A team of experts to guide you through the entire procedure smoothly, as we understand the apprehensions and doubts in the minds of the patient well.
  3. The centre equipped with all the methods of hair restoration. Because of the paucity of donor supply in repair cases, we have to combine 2 or more hair transplant techniques to get optimum results.


Repair Surgery Results

Dr Dinesh Before and After FUE 3500 Hair Transplant
Mr. Rathore Before & After FUE 1500 Hair Transplant
Mr. Shiv Before & After FUT & FUE 4000 Hair Transplant
Sahil Before & After FUE 3000 Hair Transplant
Sumit Before & After FUE 1500 Hair Transplant