Why Hair Transplant is important?

Hair transplantation is known to be the most effective ways of restoring hair loss because it is permanent and helps one achieve a natural look. Other methods of preventing hair fall do not guarantee definite results but with hair transplant one is sure of getting lifelong permanent hair.

Why choose SATYA for hair transplantation?

Why Hair transplant at Satya ? As we are a team of doctors possessing years of experience in treating hair loss problem in patients. What sets us apart is our dedication and commitment towards our patients, as we ensure that each and every patient is completely satisfied with the results. Our patients are assured that they are receiving treatment and care equivalent to international standards and at a cost that is completely affordable. Ours is the only clinic in India that offers all the treatments pertaining to hair loss restoration ranging from natural and synthetic hair transplant to PRP and hair weaving. We customize the treatment based on the degree of baldness, personal preferences and monetary and donor area constraints.

At Satya all scientific solutions are available under one roof done by doctors with years of experience, dedication, hard-work and commitment and thousands of satisfied patients to our credit. Our patients have this peace of mind that they are not missing on anything and the quality meets international standards at affordable cost. We are the only clinic in India providing all the treatments ranging from natural hair transplant to synthetic hair implant, from PRP to hair weaving. The treatments can be customized according to the demands of the patients depending upon the degree of baldness, time, money and donor area constraints.

When to go for transplant?
The timing of when to go for hair transplant is extremely important and therefore it advisable to consult a specialist and get in-depth hair transplant information. For instance, people in their teens and twenties facing this problem may still have hair on their crown or on the front of their head. If one goes for hair replacement at this stage, they might face the problem of losing original hair, while the rest of the head is covered with transplanted hair. Hence, it becomes important to consult a hair transplant specialist who will suggest when is the best time to go for hair transplant.

There are primarily two types of transplant – natural and synthetic.

Natural hair transplant: Under this type of hair transplant procedure, hair is taken from the donor site found in the back and sides of the head. This area is referred to as the donor site and hair is extracted from here and then transplanted onto the bald spot. Hair is taken from the donor area, as this area is programmed to prevent hair loss. This is the only permanent way of restoring hair loss and at Satya’s our team of experts have years of experience in restoring hair through this procedure.

Synthetic hair transplant: As the name suggests, in this procedure instead of natural hair, synthetic hair is transplanted, which looks absolutely natural. This is a revolutionary concept and gives those patients a chance having scanty or no hair on the donor area of their head. Being artificial, the hair doesn’t grow or even change color, yet it looks like natural hair and can be washed and dried in the normal way. It is also possible to infuse natural hair with synthetic hair transplant. Biofibre Hair implant is quite effective and helps achieve a natural look. At Satya’s, we specialize not only in natural hair transplant but also synthetic hair transplant and ensure that the patient is completely satisfied with the results.

Advantages of transplant
There are major advantages attached to transplant and here is a brief overview on some of them. Undoubtedly, in the past couple of years, hair transplant as emerged as one of the best solutions for restoring hair loss.

  1. There are men who suffer from male pattern baldness or medically known as Androgenetic Alopecia. Hair transplant is the only solution to replace baldness with naturally growing hair.
  2. Hair transplantation is undoubtedly a lifelong solution for those suffering from hair thinning, hair fall or baldness.
  3. One of the biggest advantages of hair transplantation is that transplanted hair looks absolutely natural, as a person’s own hair is extracted and transplanted. This has further enhanced the popularity factor of hair transplantation. Our physicians and surgeons are qualified to transfer and implant hair follicles in the most natural way.
  4. After the procedure, we ensure the person leaving Satya’s is completely assured that he or she is leaving with permanent hair and need not fear about hair loss anymore.
  5. There are no hassles after the hair transplant procedure has taken place, as it is maintenance free and needs to be maintained just the way normal hair is.
  6. The new transplanted hair is just like natural hair, which can be cut, styled, colored in any way and manner.

These are just some of the benefits that highlight the significance on why hair transplant is a good idea for those suffering from loss of hair. It is safe, simple and a permanent solution to restoring natural looking hair.