Hair Transplant Facts

July - 28,2021


When somebody decides to undergo a hair transplant surgery, this question comes to the mind of a lot of people. But these days there are many people who have already decided that they know everything as all the research which they probably did, was leading them to that particular surgery as everyone was telling that […]

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July - 27,2021


MHT is maximum harvest technique, which is precisely and meticulously crafted to get the maximum, out of your hair transplant. As we know we all have limited donor area & baldness can be high or low grade & can even be progressive.  So one has to use the donor carefully. We can tell you this […]

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July - 26,2021

Repair hair transplant

Repair hair transplant or correction of a bad hair transplant result, has become the need of the hour. Know why Satya clinic, under the guidance of Dr. Shaiil Gupta is known as number one Repair Hair Transplant Clinic in the world. Hair transplant has become a very common procedure done world-wide, to restore the aesthetic look and […]

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