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Hair transplantation is being done at a lot of clinics, now-a days. But there are many things which one has to look for while choosing a transplantation clinic. These include reputation of the clinic, distance, mega sessions, availability of all the treatment procedures, costing and last but not the least RESULTS.

It is obviously the most important part for which the entire exercise of hair transplantation is done. But at times, patients give very less importance to this and go for just costing, unfortunately landing up as a transplant failure case.

what are the points to look for while comparing the results?

  1. NATURAL LOOKS (SATYA hairline): the first and the most important thing is having natural looks. Growing hair is just not enough. Many centers do give you hair, but the growth looks awfully unnatural. you must have seen many patients (in day to day life & even sites of many clinics), having very unnatural hair lines. it becomes very obvious that they have undergone some kind of procedures. We at Satya promise you the most natural looking results, second to none. In a Satya patient it will be very difficult for you to judge or notice that anything has been done because it will look absolutely natural.
  1. ART OF MAXIMUM COVERAGE (The SATYA technique): This is giving you the maximum coverage with minimum number of grafts. Hair transplantation is a mix of art and science, where we try to cover the bald area in such a way that it looks fuller. if done properly it will give you excellent coverage with less number of grafts. In SATYA technique, the grafts are placed in such a way that it will look very full. that is why we say same number of grafts done at our clinic will look more than any other clinic.
  1. TRUST (The SATYA assurance): Generally when a patient is looking for a transplantation clinic, internet search is the only major tool. since you don’t get to meet the doctor or some patients, who have been operated at the clinic, it is sometimes difficult to trust. the only way left is the patient gallery or some videos of the patients. in the present era of technology it is very easy to create fake pictures. you must see the photo gallery very carefully. In most of the good clinics you will find pre op pics, pic during the procedure and some sequential pictures of the progress of transplant. the pictures should be of high quality. We can provide you, many references of the patients who have been operated at SATYA. We also organize seminars for our your benefit, where you can come and meet the patients who have been operated at our clinic. we also offer you a TEST PATCH facility, the easiest way to clear all the doubts without any risk.