Price comparison

Question 1: Why there is a price difference at different centres/ for the PRP session?

Answer 1: At satya skin laser & hair transplant Clinic:

  • Proper anaesthetic techniques are followed to anesthetize the scalp of the patient before the PRP.
  • Use of special gel kits to separate the PRP from rest of the RBC. These kits are imported, different, expensive and high on precision. Buffy coat is separated carefully so as to provide maximum benefit to the patient. It is very important to reject the haemolysed RBC in the serum as it will cause harmful effects.
  • Use of a sharp derma roller with proper 5 direction rolling technique.
  • Intra dermal injections of the separated & enriched PRP solution which is tricky and skilful.

See Mr. Jaswant got 8 PRP sessions @ Rs.5000/Session (Total of Rs 40k), from a renowned clinic in Delhi having branches all across India. The PRP was painful & it was not done in a proper manner so he did not have any benefits. Rather, he wasted a lot of time and waited a year for the new hair regrowth. He paid much less than that at Satya clinic and got wonderful results in just one sitting within a month.

So when the technique of doing a PRP is not same in all the clinics, then how can the cost be same??

That is why there is a cost difference at various clinics.

Some Clinics who don’t get patients by reference, usually adapt such kind of methods to attract the patients like advertisements and low cost. Please visit the below link which will enlighten more regarding PRP result variation at different clinics.


Question 2 How much do you charge for 3000 FUE grafts?

Answer 2 : First of all, how do you know that FUE is more beneficial in your case and do you really need these many number of grafts?

Sometimes in an excellent donor area also, it is impossible to extract more than 3000 grafts from the scalp by FUE technique. If your search for a hair transplant clinic is only based upon cost, then how would you ascertain that the same number of grafts will be definitely done?

Mannier time clinics fall into the rat race of low cost, and they adapt unethical means and quote you a higher number of grafts (which obviously cannot be done) at a much lower cost. This is done to reduce the cost/graft.

The clinic which is not explaining you the advantages & disadvantages of all the treatment options like FUT,FUE or combination techniques(If required) & not letting you choose the best suitable method for you, may not be telling you the complete truth regarding the number of grafts also.

Do not expect true representation of the number of grafts from them.

Clinics who do not have quality & are not thorough with the skills and art of hair transplant that well, will reduce the cost to grab more patients but a patient who is searching for excellence in work will never choose such clinic.

As these clinics never get referral patients, because the person who got treatment done will not recommend anyone, so that why these clinics are more inclined towards giving lucrative offers like:


  • Head full of hair in just few hours
  • Unlimited grafts
  • Zero down payments
  • EMI

These types of clinics are mushrooming everyday and they even outnumber the clinics which are doing ethical and artistic transplants.

So as a consumer, when a person thinks about hair transplant, he gets to know “aajkal transplant bahut saste  ho gaye hain” & starts comparing only the price at different clinics & in doing so he denies himself the opportunity to get an excellent transplant which could actually transform his life & eventually ends up getting a disaster on his head and then repents later on.

Never fall prey to such offers & always run away from that clinic which says HAIR TRANSPLANT STARTING FROM ….

Question 3 What is the cost per graft??

Answer 3 You will get variable cost per graft ranging from Rs.10 to Rs 400. It does not mean that Rs 10 is going to be useless and Rs 400 is going to be extraordinary.

Even after paying Rs400/graft you cannot be assured of the quality of results.

Actually having low, medium or high cost has nothing to do with the quality of hair transplant. It is a different thing all together.

Important pulling factors for franchise based clinics are Low Cost, advertisement, huge number of grafts (which they promise and never do) and so called scar less FUE.

In spite of knowing that only FUE is not the solution in a patient having high grade of baldness, they do only FUE, not a combination of FUT and FUE. When 100’s of clinics are saying the same thing, a lie becomes truth and people starts believing it. You cannot expect such clinics to tell you the exact number of grafts being done. To reduce the cost per graft usually such clinics over promise the number & never do that. If your decision is based only on the basis of cost per graft you are inviting trouble. There is no way you can count the number of grafts.

You have to trust the clinic on that so eventually it comes down to trust only & trust can never be developed on the basis of low cost. Rather it is always generated by focussing on minute details regarding the quality of work. So a good clinic always emphasizes on the Quality of transplants and is more than happy to educate you regarding the same.

Clinics which are working on the franchise module will always think about only earning money and you cannot expect these to tell you honestly the pros & cons of all the available treatment methods. If you cannot rely on them even for the choice of method then how can you rely on them regarding the number of grafts and hair transplant results.

These days even the salons have started doing hair transplant, they usually get the hair transplant done by hiring a team of technicians & half trained staff so that they can do it for a low cost. They give a fixed amount to the technician and keep the rest of the money with them.

These types of hair transplant agents/salons/franchise centres run mainly on the basis of low cost & discount offers which seems to be very attractive to the patients. These types of clinics are mushrooming everyday and they even outnumber the clinics which are doing ethical and artistic transplants.

Such clinics advertise a lot and you will find their names usually in your message inbox, Google ad words, newspapers, magazines & hoardings.

As these clinics have nothing to do with the quality of hair transplant so forget about the passion and the artistic skills which a doctor owned clinic can provide.  All they care is, just money. By doing advertisement, chances of people knowing their name increase and the patient think they are going to a big brand and well known centre and by getting the hair transplant at a less amount, they feel that they have taken a right decision. Later on , when he realize his mistake, it is already very late as a disaster has been done on their head.

Make sure that before comparing the price you have to see whether the clinic is focussing on quality or low cost. That will give you a fair idea of the mindset of the clinic. Do your research before taking the final decision. Because your hair are important for you and you are important for yourself. Atlas give yourself one more chance before taking a decision only on the basis of cost.

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