Repair Hair Transplant

Every day is a new day at Satya. Every day we repair lives. Scalp hair is one of the first areas that isnoticed in a human being. A human being is driven psychologically by the way they look, first in the head and face.

Satya Hair Clinic is one of the only hair implant clinics in the country, consisting of experts who repair damages caused due to erroneous procedures that cause significant destruction to existing natural hair area and scalp. 80% of the cases handled by Satya Hair Clinic, in fact, are corrective procedures. Distinguished scar marks appear, and the patients do not achieve the density that they should.

Patient psychology

Bad hair transplants can cause irredeemable damages to a patient’s psychology making them hide from public view. Most substandard or negligent transplants endow the patients with negative faculties such as:

  • A shattered confidence – Patients develop a low self-esteem and lack motivation because they are judged by choice of poor craftsmanship. They tend to withdraw from socializing.
  • Thin and exhausted donor area – When a patient has a BHT (Bad Hair Transplant) it can compromise valuable donor area where hair growth is optimum. This leaves the patient with minimal options towards hair re-growth and implant.
  • Unnatural looks – Obviously BHT comes with the side effects of unnatural looking hair and scalp. Convincingly, the patient that was looking more natural without hair than with freakish and strange-looking hair.
  • Incorrect placement of hair angles – As a result of incorrect judgment and consequentially incorrect placement techniques and hair angulations especially in the front temporal area lead to hair growth in peculiar and wayward directions.
  • Loss of conviction in the procedure – Last but not the least, the patient loses confidence in the transplant procedure itself.
  • A huge wastage of time and money

Reasons for BHT(Bad Hair Transplant)

  • Very low, sharp and unnatural hair line
  • Low density in crucial areas
  • Incorrect angles
  • Wrong distribution of follicular units
  • Choice of incorrect transplantation method

Why are repair cases on the rise?

  • A patient does not conduct enough research. Due to poor procedural knowledge the patient falls into the trap of advertisements and don’t see the work.
  • They don’t choose the methodologies suitable to their needs. For most patients, procedures have been chosen on the basis of the clinic’s expertise and comfort rather than the patient’s requirements.
  • The patient is provided with extremely limited options and there is lack of unbiased information.

In all of the cases the patient is left with no option but to go in for synthetic hair transplantation. The real purpose of getting a hair transplant is defeated. In other words, patients who have not undergone a Bad Hair Transplant have a better chance of synthetic and natural hair transplant due to the presence of adequate donor area.

Type of repairs

Satya Hair Clinic conducts synthetic hair implants and also sometimes suggests a combination of synthetic hair implant and natural hair transplant. Consultation varies from patient to patient. Some of the repairs that have been conducted are for the following:

  • Patients, who had undergone two or more hair transplants earlier, now require multiple repairs with synthetic hair implants.
  • In higher grades of baldness hair cannot be grown from the crown area using an FUE, FUT or a combination of both. In such cases we can mix-n-match and have the frontal area covered with natural existing hair. The crown area is implanted with synthetic biofibre so that the whole space is covered with dense hair – a combination of natural and synthetic.
  • Patients may not want the bother of natural hair transplant and then wait for healing and growth. In such cases, we conduct synthetic hair implants that give an equally natural look.
  • For women who cannot wait for lengthy periods for natural transplant and hair regrowth, we advise synthetic hair transplant with extremely aesthetic results.
  • In certain rare and special cases, synthetic hair implants are done to restore eyebrows, beard and chest hair.
  • Synthetic hair restoration surgeries are beneficial to patients who genetically lack donor area.

How does Satya fix bad hair transplants?

Satya Hair Clinic’s motto – To instill smile and faith along with hair.

Donor hair is so badly damaged that it becomes resistant to any other procedure. But we, at Satya Hair Clinic try out level best to perform a restoration best suited to the patient at the time.

Dr. Shaiil Gupta provides one of the best consultations for synthetic and natural hair transplantation. He has provided patients with results even with the most minimal donor area. But for really depleted areas synthetic hair implant is always recommended.


Repair Surgery Results