Salient Features of Satya’s Technique for FUE and FUT

  • Placement of the grafts: It is the most important & deciding factor for transplant results. Utmost care is taken in graft insertion to give it a natural look (the angle & direction) of the implanted hair should match that of remnant existing hairs.
  • Most natural looking results:  Because of the above mentioned facts, we are able to deliver consistent and the most natural looking hairline in all of our patients. The transplanted hair look so natural that even after having a close look in most of our patients, you won’t be able to tell that these are transplanted hair.
  • Early recovery: You can shampoo your head from the 3rd day of the surgery. There can be a little bit of swelling on the forehead. This is very minimal with the special kind of anaesthesia technique which we use and the best possible post op care at Satya. You can go to your office from the very next day. Scabs usually fall within a week & the stitches are usually absorbable or they can be removed on the 15th day post surgery.
  • Faster growth of the transplanted hair: The transplanted hairs increase in length for 1st few weeks & then fall by the end of 3 months. After 3 months they start growing & then they keep on growing. Usually it takes around one year for full regrowth of hair after surgery, but at satya we use some especial techniques to make your hair grow faster. Most of our cases have full regrowth in 6 to 8 months’ time. This is a major advantage for the patients.
  • Combination techniques: At satya, you have a big advantage that all the hair restoration techniques are available under one roof. We can combine natural hair transplant with synthetic hair implant or hair weaving to give you the best possible results.
  • Assured results: You are always assured of quality and results at satya.