Salman Khan hair transplant

Salman Khan has become a real hit amongst the youth nowadays.Salman khan,being an icon of amazing natural hair transplant surgery has made people believe that they can also get their hair back like Salman khan.Salman khan’s hair transplant has ignited a ray of hope in many bald people.Many hollywood & Bollywood celebrities & cricketers are getting hair transplant done,prominently like Harsha bhogle,Ravi shastri,sunil gavaskar,sanjay kapoor,sanjay dutt and many more.

So the patients awareness regarding hair transplant surgery has also increased significantly after salman khan hair transplant.

Salman khan hair transplant is very special because a very nice work has been done on his temples(sides) which looks very natural.Many patients come to Satya skin laser and hair transplant clinic just demanding hairline like Salman khan.At Satya we have done many cases creating temples & very natural hair line like salman khan hair transplant.

At Satya,we have seen major transformation in patient’s life & we are very happy to see this change as ordinary people have started looking like celebrities now.

At Satya we have been a part of so may life transforming journeys and patients enjoying Satya’s Mimic nature hairline results.
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My Journey Of Hair Loss And Hair Gain

I am Naveen(name changed). I would like to share my journey of hair loss and hair gain with you. My combat with hair loss started in college when I was 20 years old. In my teens, I had great hair. I was quite famous in my school for my hair. I never thought that I would lose my hair.

One day one of my friends mocked me. He told me to get married soon as I had started looking old. I was quite shocked listening to him. Then, I looked into the mirror closely and you will not believe what I noticed. My hair was receding. Yes, I was losing my hair. In fact, I also noticed a small bald spot in the back.

I started to observe that tons of hair was falling out every time I combed. I spent at least half an hour in front of the mirror to see the worst phase of my life. The hair in the front was getting limp and thin. The falling rate was so fast that By the age of 22, I looked half bald.

I was completely traumatized. Then, I started looking for the best solutions of hair loss as I was determined to do everything to stop my hair from falling out. I used a range of hair loss products from shampoos to medicines in a hope that they would fight with my hair loss problem.

After weeks of extensive research, I found a latest paint like product on the Internet to stop balding. I ordered it and used for a couple of months. It helped me to cover my baldness but for a short term only. My hair was still receding. Then, I used another highly expensive shampoo that made the condition worst.

Two years passed and still there was no solution. This entire thing made me so distressed that I finally accepted that there was nothing for me. I admitted that I had to live my life like a bald.

But one day, one of my good friend visited me after a long time. At first glance, he could not recognize me. But, when I told him everything, he was quite angry with me, as he could have helped me. He told me that he knew the best place, Satya Hair Clinic for guaranteed solution of hair loss. When he admired Satya Hair Clinic so much, I decided to visit the same without wasting a day. My family members also supported me to go to the clinic and look what was in the store for me.


My First Day of Consultation

The very next day, I visited Satya Hair Clinic for the consultation. I cannot tell you what exactly I was feeling that day. I was very excited to get a solution for my problem and also worried what would happen.  So many questions were arising in my mind. What the doctor will say? Will I get the right treatment?

But, when I met Doctor Shaiil Gupta my anxiety was gone away in seconds. He explained me the entire process in minute detail. He provided me all the facts and also solved my queries to let me make up my mind easily. He also took the pictures of my complete head to show me the quantity of hair I had lost.

In addition to the Doctor, the complete staff was also very humble and caring. Everyone impressed me with his and her friendly nature. Besides staff, the office and infrastructure were just amazing. Every single corner of the clinic was designed in a very high tech way to provide complete comfort and relax to the patients.

After a lot of discussion and thinking, I decided to go with the treatment. But, when I got the date of operation, I was very upset. The reason of my disappointment was the date as I had a very important business meeting after a couple of days of surgery. When I talked about it to Dr. Shaiil, he promised me that I would attend that meeting without any trouble. In fact, he also assured me that nobody would even detect that I had a surgery. His words came as a big relief to me.

From then, I started reverse counting of the days of surgery. I was so excited to see my youth again that I started imagining myself in the mirrorafter the treatment.


My Views after Consultation

When I reached home, my father started asking me questions about the consultation.

I told my father that it was very good and satisfactory. I told him everything that Dr. Shaiil gave me a ray of hope. The doctor took my head’s photo to show me the hair loss. I was not able to face the facts that I had lost so much hair. First, he asked me questions about losing my hair, my career, day-to-day procedures and so on. After listening to me, he observed my hair very minutely. Then, he told me about the quantity of grafts I could accept from donor area along with the whole operation process.

When he asked me about my queries, my first question was Do I have a good donor hair. I also asked him varied other questions: Will the process hurt? When can I go back to the office? When can I start exercising? Will anyone notice?  When I will start living my life normally after the surgery?

He assured me and calmed my mind. He told me to not to worry about it. After a couple of months, I would have strong, beautiful and healthy hair. He explained that it would not hurt at all, all the procedure will be done under Zero pain anesthesia technique &no one would notice and I can go to office after 3 to 4 days of the operation. He also told me that I can start attending events after 9 days of the operation. That was it for me to hear.

I told my father that I was quite energized and worry free after the meeting. My father supported me and told me to look forward for the surgery with positive attitude.


The Pre-Operative Evaluation

After some days, I went for pre-op evaluation. The assessment started with the filling out a form with questions to find out any medical issue. Then, my blood pressure was checked. The staff members also looked minutely at the donor area and told me that I had great density in the donor area. I was happy listening to this.

Then, I was wired up for an ECG to test the heartbeat. Thank god that all was fine!

The team was really very good and gave me a lot of self-confidence. Their way of testing everything very carefully before the treatment really assured me of the successful surgery and great results. They were paying great attention to every detail that made me believe that they were perfectionists.

The big moment of my life was coming close. I was excited to get the procedure done and see the results. Dr. Shaiil made everything very clear about the procedure and results. He told me that it would take some time for the new hair to nurture, so I had to wait.

Surgery Day

Surgery day was really a long day for me. I arrived quite early in the morning in the excitement. I was greeted by the staff of the clinic and then I changed into scrubs. I was given relaxants.

Dr. Shaiilexplained that his experienced staff was going to help me deciding the hairline and its looks. Apracticedteam of 10 people approached me to do the pre op preparations, like shaving of my donor hair, cleaning my head with and the rest of the process of surgery. A very good-looking staff nurse came to me to do the anesthesia testing. It was very smooth.

I just sat quietly letting them do their job. I was very calm that time, as I knew that Dr. Shaiil had the best experts in his staff. Then, I was brought into the surgery room to take out the donor strip from the back portion of the head. I faced down and felt nothing than a mild tingling feeling as they gave me a mild anesthetic. After removing the strip from the back of head, we went into another room. There, skilled teams of around 8 technicians were working on microscopes to split the strip of skin into individual hair.

Soon, a team started fixing this hair into my scalp. When they were engaged doing so, I was enjoying watching videos on TV. The whole process was very peaceful and painless. I even could not feel that around 15 people were working tirelessly on my hair. After some time, I took a break and then again sat on the chair. I was tired, excited and happy to see my new look. Soon, a nurse told me that they were going to finish.

When they plant the last graft in my head, I thanked them on the completion of the procedure.After this process, a nurse presented a mirror to me to take a look. I was amazed to see this look of mine that I had never seen in years. I was thrilled seeing this.

In the last they tied a bandage on my scalp, and a headband too and then I went into the patient room to change. I was handed over a post op prescription and some instructions till I come for my bandage removal, although everything was mentioned very clearly on the prescription also. Then, I thanked the whole team of Dr. Shaiiland walked home. When I entered intothe society, my neighbors didn’t even notice. But when I entered into my house, my parents were exclaimed! There were as happy as I was and very concerned for my well being, like all parents.

Next Day Of Surgery

The next day, I went to the clinic to get my bandage removed. The whole staff greeted me very well like a friendand they in fact asked me that did I sleep comfortable last night. After removing my bandage, there was no active bleeding and they cleaned my scalp with saline thoroughly. My donor area was so nicely covered with my natural hair that no signs of surgery were significantly visible.This was the most amazing part of the whole process.

I was worried before the procedure as I thought that I had to wear a hat but there was no need of this. The whole team was very pleased with the results. I was informed to come after 15 days for the stitch removal.

After some time, I returned home and slept tight.

The team suggested that I should use saline drops on the new hair every two hourly. My parents awoke the whole night to spray the area.


After Some Days Of Surgery

Two days passed after the surgery. I got back to office today. Yes, the third day of the surgery I joined the office with confidence.

I felt completely fine heading in the office. I was glad to be back to my daily routine. The one thing that I could not do was going to the gym. I could not join the gym for 4-6 weeks as it could affect the stitching in the back of head.

My colleagues and other people were extremely complimentary about the hair that made me feel awesome. I was getting different comments like “Wow! You look very young, now”, “You are looking different, do not know why”. “Are you losing weight?”, “You must have change your dressing style.”

It was really amusing when I heard these comments. The best part was the positive response of people.  In fact, the entire experience was positive for me which was more important than anything else.

It was great to be getting that positive feedback on the third day of surgery. The feedback made me more excited to wait for the end results. I knew that the real fun is going to begin when my new hair started falling out in six weeks and the real hair started growing in 3-6 months.

The main work was done of the surgery, now I was in the healing phase.

After Some Weeks of Surgery

After two weeks of surgery, I went to the clinic to remove my stitches. The process only took 10 minutes. It was quick and painless, that was a relief. The new hair was settling in well.

Before the hair transplant process, I was told by Dr. Shaill that new hair would fall out. I was also told that in some rare cases the new hair do not fall out and keep growing.

Thankfully, I was not one of them as my new hair was falling out. However, Dr. Shaiil told me that the real hair follicles were growing. They were pushing out the new hair.

Within 3 months of the surgery, the real hair started to become visible. The feedback I received from the people was more positive than I imagined.

The way I felt about myself was completely changed after the surgery. It was much more than I was expecting. I felt really good about me and my new looks.

Hair Stared Falling Out

Hair started falling out. I knew that this was the part of the process, but still I was feeling disappointing seeing it fall out. So, the doctor told me to take PRP sessions in between, to boost my hair growth.

Everything was done in the same way as it was decided. I had to be patient that time and keep myself reminding that the real hair would grow soon with much thicker and fuller density.

The process was about to complete in just two months more. I was just waiting for the time, when I will see my real hair.

So, my new life was waiting for me with new looks, confidence and attitude. Looking for the moment desperately!

On the other hand, my donor area of head was absolutely perfect. There were no scars, redness or any other side effect. There was no way of finding out that I had a hair transplant procedure. The stich line was barely visible.

Back To Youth

Now, I can see my new hair growing. Since years, I was living a monotonous life due to my baldness. But now, I just wanted to go out with my friends again and enjoy my new life. I was planning for a vacation.

I could not imagine myself in this state. I mean I started looking myself in mirror again and again. It is kind of a dream come true, wanted to pinch myself that is it really my new hair or is this dream. But thank god it is the truth, I am so happy with the results.

Now that I can brush my hair totally back, I can make spikes and I can do any hairstyle now.

Thanks for being a part of the biggest incident of my life!