Beard Hair Transplant

Beard Hair Transplant:

The trend of keeping a beard has reached a good altitude. 90% of the Indian population is seen with dense and stylish beard. The clean shave look is only kept by those individuals who does not have enough beard or their office require him to be clean shave. The style icons especially Virat kohli, Ranveer singh & Fawad khan have become a bench mark for the youngsters. To keep a stylish and well shaped beard is a dream of every individual. At a very young age of 17 , the moment you step out of the school, men start keeping a beard. The styling of beard is not limited to just keep it intact it is all about keeping a properly shaped and stylish beard also. In this rat race, patients who do not get enough beard look for different kind of solutions to grow a thick and natural beard. This is one of the reasons why Beard hair transplant is in trend now a days and people are getting engrossed in it more and more.

Things to look for before planning for a beard hair transplant:

  • A person should be more than 20 to 25 years of age.
  • Presence of any other syndrome should be ruled out.
  • Donor hair at the scalp area should be healthy.
  • Beard density, hairline of the beard should be mutually decided.


Beard hair transplant is an artistic work which can be only done by an experienced and skilful hair transplant surgeon. The angles of the existing hair should be understood properly and according to that only new angles should be created so that the transplanted hair grows in an absolutely natural pattern. The shape of the beard is a very crucial point to be taken into consideration. Patient’s expectation should be understood and then a mutual hairline should be designed that would suit his facial symmetry and style. Beard transplant is not easy, until and unless done by an artistic surgeon.

Youngsters are sometimes in a hurry for getting a beard. Due to some medical issues, hair growth is slow and hence facial hair growth is not seen at a correct age. One should always consult a dermatologist regarding this to rule out any underlying hormonal imbalance. After thorough medical tests and investigations, in these type of cases, only medicines can prove to be very beneficial and helps in outburst of facial and body hair.

In cases of alopecia areata, a test patch of 100 hair should always be done first. If the body is accepting these hair then the major session can be planned.
Beard hair transplant is all about styling the facial hair in such a way that the whole motive of getting a beard goes successful.

Beard hair reconstruction is combined with moustache hair reconstruction also to give a more fuller and symmetrical appearance.

Scar present in the beard or moustache can also be filled successfully by a small session of hair transplant also.

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