Hair are an important part of our personality and a person who has lost his hair knows very well that every single hair is worth a gold strand. No wonder losing hair can affect your confidence and make you look old. Getting back your hair is like getting back a new lease of life.

People try so many things to get back their hair ranging from oils, lotions, homeopathic and many other expensive treatments. Some of these treatments are good, but most of the times fake or over promised. It is very important to start the right treatment at appropriate time to save your hair.
So always choose the best.

What is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

A major difference between Follicular Unit Extraction FUE and other method is the apparent absence of scar in the donor area. This feature of FUE hair transplant is a big factor when patient weight the various options for hair loss treatment. Naturally people don’t want to make it evident that they have had a hair transplant by leaving visual clues. Further, one of the great benefits that make people opt for this method is that they can pursue their normal life almost immediately after the FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi

In cases where small number of grafts has to be taken out using FUE technique, it is not mandatory to completely shave off the donor area. In fact the donor hair are shaved off in layers so that they remain hidden well under the remaining hair.

For people who have smaller patches of baldness on their head, FUE hair transplant is perhaps the best procedure to follow, because a smaller quantity of hair is easier to harvest. It is however important to go for the specialist consultation to know all the modalities of the hair transplant esp. the advantages & disadvantages of all the hair transplant techniques. Although FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi, India is quite variable than other methods, but the benefits are really attractive for the patients looking for a fue treatment cost in India.

Salient features of Satya's technique of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Treatment

  • We use especially designed titanium punches and ergo-metric motorised machine for extraction of grafts. FUE hair transplant surgery becomes fast and the graft transaction rate is minimal.
  • The punches used in FUE treatment are 0.7 to 1.0 mm in size so the donor area heals pretty fast.
  • Comfortable and painless surgery: because of the esp. designed No pain anaesthesia technique TM surgery becomes practically painless and the post op period becomes very comfortable.
  • We offer a comprehensive approach to hair loss treatments which is not only restricted to surgical hair restoration, but also includes treatments for sustenance of the existing hair.
  • No need to shave off the entire head: hair need to be cut short in donor area, but we can also do fue hair transplant in such a way that even your donor area remains covered with hair.
  • More than 2500 successful cases of FUE hair transplant and more than 3.5 million hair grafted successfully.

Advantage of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

  • In FUE treatment in Delhi the healing is fast in the donor area as compared to FUT strip surgery. Within a week the crusts fall & after that it is really difficult to make out from where the grafts were taken.
  • Patients who don’t have good donor area at the back side of head for fue treatment cost in India, we can use body hair or beard hair as donor.
  • Post operation period is very comfortable in FUE. Patient can resume his/her routine activities from the very next day. Vigorous exercise schedule can also be resumed after 1 week.
  • No major scar formation in FUE hair transplant

Disadvantages of & Only FUE Treatments

The biggest problem which we see these days is promotion of just FUE or only FUE surgery. Many centers these days are doing only FUE surgeries & nothing else. Most of these people say that FUE is the best method that is why we don’t do FUT or any other surgery. This is wrong representation of facts. As the only difference in both the techniques is the method of extraction. FUE alone doesn’t give us a large number of grafts from head alone.

At times we have seen people who do FUE hair transplant alone, harvesting grafts from the nonpermanent donor zone (non-permanent donor zone is the area of head above the permanent zone at the back of head, from where patient can lose hair in case the thinning of hair persists). Such grafts are likely to fall later on from the transplanted sites also.

In a patient with higher grades of baldness or a patient who is loosing hair at a rapid pace, the maximum utilization of available donor area is a must. The ideal approach in such patients is to combine FUT and FUE surgeries in the same session. This not only maximizes the yield but also saves the patient from using lesser fruitful donor sites like body hair which in turn saves multiple sessions & a lot of money. This technique, without any doubt gives better results than FUE alone.

We believe that the decision of choosing the technique should be left over the patient after educating him & giving him an unbiased opinion about the pros & cons of all the available treatment options.

The final decision should be in the patient’s interest, not in the commercial interest of the operating clinic.

Choose your surgery technique wisely, based on facts not on advertisements.


Dr. Rohit was having grade 7 baldness. He consulted Satya hair transplant clinic in Delhi & was told about a combination procedure (FUE+FUT), where 2500 grafts were planned by FUT & 1200 by FUE. He was told that only the front of the head can be covered by hair transplant.So he was looking for a cheap FUE in Delhi. He consulted many hair transplantation clinic.One of the very popular hair transplant clinic in Delhi told him about cheap FUE hair transplant & promised him head full of hair by doing 4500 grafts from scalp donor in one go.So he got his surgery done at cheap FUE hair clinic.1 year after his cheap fue hair transplant surgery,he was not having hair transplant results.So he again consulted the cheap FUE clinic in Delhi from which he got his surgery done & they told him that you have some problem in your scalp, otherwise our results are very good.

His donor area was completely exhausted.He met many bad hair transplant patients from the same cheap FUE clinic in his follow up visit.So after going through so much pain & un ended wait to grow hair, all he got was a very bad scaring on the scalp,exhausted donor area, highly unnatural hair line & very few grafts grown.Now he is repenting the decision of choosing cheap FUE clinic.

When Dr. Rohit visited Satya skin laser & hair transplant clinic ,on the same day,he met a patient similar to his case and he was amazed to see him natural hair transplant surgery results & realized the blunder what he was done on his scalp.Then he realized that most of the times:-“A lie sounds very attractive & lucrative in the beginning but ends up in a big disaster”.

A similar case which was operated at Satya skin laser & hair transplant clinic is:

Do they look same?


See the life of a patient after cheap FUE hair transplant:

  • Unlimited wait for the hair to grow
  • Unlimited frustation/embaressment
  • Unlimited wastage of Donor area
  • Unlimited artificial looks
  • Unlimited pain

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