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Mesotherapy Treatment

In this treatment vitamin injections mixed with some growth factors are injected into the scalp directly in the hair roots. Sometimes medicines like minoxidil are also mixed in the mixture of mesotherapy to increase the treatment efficacy as the drug is delivered directly to the roots. Few sessions of this treatment really help to increase the volume of hair and can get back shine back to your lifeless hair.

Mesotherapy is a treatment helps reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. This is a baldness treatment that allows both men and women to experience hair re-growth. Mesotherapy helps regulate the vitamins, proteins and other nutrients levels in the scalp of the patient. Nutrient boosters are injected onto the scalp that helps hydrate and nourish the scalp. Furthermore, this also facilitates hair growth.

Mesotherapy refers to non-surgical medical treatment in which doses of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medication, which contains particular types of vitamins, proteins and other essentials, are injected in to the tissues of the affected region of the patient. In case of Mesotherapy for hair loss, microinjections are used to inject a calculated solution of medication (containing ingredients such as Biochanin A, Acetyle Tetrapeptide-3, etc) for hair restoration into the roots of the bald/ thin hair region. This solution gets in to the inner portion of the roots of the hair and promote hair growth and reduce hair fall and thinning of hair. It is generally recommended to people suffering from chronic hair fall/ sudden hair fall. It has success rate of more than 92% around the world.

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