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Satya`s Procedure for FUE and FUT

It is very safe and unbelievably just one day procedure. You just have to visit us once, it will change you forever.

Initial consultation

This can be done either online or in the clinic. Here we assess the grade of baldness. We evaluate the number of grafts & the method depending upon the expected hairline, density and the donor hair character. Future thinning is also taken into consideration as hair transplant has permanent results.

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Implantation procedure:

Generally, injections at the recipient site hurt a lot but with “Satya zero pain anesthesia”, it is absolutely painless. Once the area is numb, the surgeon will create holes for graft placement. This is a very crucial step and will decide the final outcome of the surgery. Every possible care is taken to give you the best possible looks. Once the holes are complete, grafts are planted in those holes very carefully without touching the roots by “Satya no touch technique”. This is very important to get maximum growth out of transplanted hair.

Post procedure:

After completion of surgery, you will be provided with instructions regarding care of the transplanted site, donor area, about washing head and general medicines to be taken after the surgery. You can go back to your home the same day. Outstation patients, who want to leave, can go back the same day after the surgery. When the hair restoration surgery is complete, our clinical team will provide written and oral post-operative instructions. To avoid any kind of swelling on the forehead, you are given a headband, to wear for next 3 to 4 days.

You can start washing your head from the 3rd day. For 1 or 2 days, you can have little discomfort at the stitch site but it is taken care off well by the medicines. In some patients, some stretch kind of a feel or some numbness can persist for a week or so. Most of the patients can resume their office from the very next day. The scabs in the transplanted area take around a week to fall.

In case of FUT, stitches are removed after 2 weeks. We prefer using non absorbable sutures for wound closure, but on patient’s request absorbable sutures can also be used


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