Stem Cell Treatment

The 4 arrows given in the image are showing hair shafts that were created by iPSC-derived epithelial stem cells. Image credit: Ruifeng Yang, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

When research teams fixed these EpSCs into mice, the cells started regenerating cell types of human hair follicles and skin. They also created familiar hair shafts, which the research teams say shows assurance for regrown hair in humans.

In our body, new cells are formed and they divide consistently, and then these cells age and die. Stem cells are body’s natural healing cells and can act as body’s repair mechanism by replenishing adult tissues. Stem cells are tiny progenitor cells found in our body that can divide and change into different types of cells.

There are mainly two types of stem cells: Embryonic which are extracted from the inner cell mass of an early stage of embryo and the umbilical or Adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cell technique for hair restoration is considered unethical and thus not used anywhere in the world. Whereas in the process of Adult Stem Cells therapy for hair restoration, first the Adult stem cells are extracted from any one of the sources like the bone marrow, blood or adipose tissue of the patient. After extraction, the cells are incubated and the resulted lipoaspirate is either injected directly into areas concerned or injected directly intravenously. Hair follicles contain stem cells and it is believed that follicle stem cells may lead to success in treating baldness through an activation of the stem cells progenitor cells. Success of this procedure is directly related to the quantity of stem cells deployed.


Technique “not yet ready for humans”

However, these types of cells are not at all ready to be used in humans as the team has only got the answer of one part. Any hair follicle is comprised of both epithelial cells and dermal papillae (a type of adult stem cell). Both have not been derived till date in humans.

Beware of Fake Claims

What you hear in the market & internet about stem cell treatment is all gimmick. What people are doing in name of stem cell treatment is just vitamin injections which are of no use. A lot of queries are coming to us daily for stem cell treatment & multiplication or hair cloning. Many patients come to us who have already undergone such so called stem cell transplantation & hair multiplication treatments at fake clinics. Obviously they didn’t have any hair regrowth out of those procedures.

On request there numbers can be shared so that you also don’t fall in such a trap

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