Salient features of Satya's technique of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Treatment

The FUE hair transplant cost in India is much less compared to what is charged in US. However, one should make the correct choice while considering the quality benchmarks. Our India clinic offers FUE based hair transplant services as per the standard protocols and the treatment is delivered by a team of experts led by Dr. Shail Gupta. If you are also looking for FUE hair transplant then visit our India clinic once and get authentic advice!

What is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)?

A definitive difference between Follicular Unit Extraction and other methods is that there is no scar produced in the donor area. This feature of FUE based hair transplant is a big factor when the person weighs it with various other options of hair loss treatment. Another benefit of FUE based hair transplant is that the person can continue with his normal life immediately after the clinical procedure and there is no recovery time required.

In cases where small numbers of grafts are to be taken, it is not necessary to completely shave off the donor area. In fact, the donor region hairs are shaved off in layers so that they remain hidden under the existing hairs. For people who have smaller patches of baldness on head, FUE hair transplant technique is the most suitable choice because smaller quantities of hairs could be easily harvested. To get more personalized information, the person looking to get FUE hair transplant should have specialist consultation. This allows having firsthand knowledge of the procedure including advantages and disadvantages of different hair transplant techniques.

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Avoid cheap FUE procedures that are driven by false claims!

Our India Clinic offers quality assured yet cost effective FUE treatment. We follow all the standards and clinical protocols that are accepted globally including in US. However, many people are duped easily by the false promises. Here is a case that went bad –

Dr. Rohit has diagnosed with grade 7 baldness and he consulted our expert clinic in India. We advised him for a combined FUE + FUT procedure wherein 2500 grafts were to be performed through FUT and 1200 by FUE. But he was searching for cheaper FUE service and began consulting other clinics. One very popular hair transplant clinic in Delhi offered to provide low cost FUE treatment and promised 4500 grafts that were to be taken from the donor area in the scalp. He decided to get it done. However, after a year, Rohit did not get satisfactory results! He again went to the same clinic & was blatantly told that due to some problem in his scalp, the results were not produced to the fullest. He was shocked at such a reply.

He met many other patients of that clinic and found the same bad results. On the other hand, when he met our patients, he was amazed to see the wonderful results. In the end, he was left with a badly scarred scalp, poor unnatural hairline, exhausted donor area and above all, the pain and agony for life. Now he repents for not deciding to get hair transplant done at our India Clinic.

You need to avoid such mistake and the bad consequences that include –

  • Unlimited wait for the hairs to grow
  • Psychological stress, pain, trauma and embarrassment
  • Exhausting your donor area
  • Poor hairline

Satya Hair Transplant Clinic promises authentic results and we deliver what we say!


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